Free hearts

Melissa is a very cute girl, but when she felt in love, somethings will be change.


1. Eraser


I looked at Derek, his hazel eyes shining with the sun illuminated the second one. I bit my lower lip when he noticed that he looked at me. That was a lesson outdoors, it was't for nothing that I was so hooked on it. I felt someone pull me, was Liz. - Wake up, if you forgot, the prince has a Princess. - She whispered. I went back to look him away, Sarah's arm curled fine on it, just to say 'Take out the eye!' I bit my lip again and looked to the side and on the oak trees that were near the orphanage. It seemed crazy, but it was kind of an orphanage for young prison. From the fourteen, who was not adopted goes to live here. I looked at all sides, just trying to distract myself instead of looking at Derek. I held my breath when he felt a soft hand hold mine for a second. - You have a eraser? - Derek asked me dropping. - Sure. Here. - I said giving him a blue eraser. He gave a beautiful crooked smile and erased a drawing, it seemed ... me? - You are my inspiration. - He spoke, and I looked at the shade of hazel. - I mean, I did this drawing because Sarah did not want me to draw her. - Ah. - I mumbled. - Are quite beautiful. - Because you're beautiful. I turned to a second reaction and ran into the woods. Oh my god, he didn't said it to me!? I sat next to a oak and 
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