whats up with jolleen bartoon

there was once a girl called jody bartoon she had a sister called jolleen however no one actually saw jody bartoon so when she got hit by a car jolleen didn`t tell anyone one about what happened so know everyone is wondering about whats up with jolleen bartoon


1. me

Hi,my name is Jolleen Bartoon and I am 14 years old.A couple of months ago my sister Jody died and even worse I ran away from all the fuss.Now I am homeless.I do have some friends at my school Springfield Elementry,however no one had actually seen Jody so I never bothered to tell them,maybe some day I should.I get bullied almost every day because I haven`t had a wash in months but my friends are trying not to say anything since they know I`m homeless but I have no doubt that that they have asked their parents if they can move schools.The good thing about this is that my life could only get better...

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