Beauty and the Beast

I looked at my reflection, blue eyes, long waist length brown hair, ivory skin, long lashes, pearly lips and everything, everything everyone and anyone would die for, expect me. I thought I had it all, until I lost it, I lost it all for him. He was a risk and maybe he will always be a risk but him being perfect isn't what I wanted, if anything I wanted to be like him. I wanted to be anyone but myself.


1. Undeniable

Dear Arabella Hurtle

You have been accepted for Harshire High School in New York City.  We consider it an huge honour to have you join our school. If there is anything you want please contact us as soon as possible.

Many Thanks 

Headmaster J Jowling 


I let out a gut  drenching scream as the letter fell out of my hand and I jumped up and down. I sprung around our large kitchen the letter flapping around my ankles as it hit the cold hard kitchen floor as I screamed and danced congratulating myself. I laughed with delight and lunged for my cell phone and dialled my mums number and got through to her answer machine "Please leave a message after the tone." The ringing beep ran through the huge mansion, I grinned and sprinted upstairs and knocked on Harmony's door 

"Wake up!" I yelled, but someone taped me on the shoulder making me jump and squirm,

"What did you want, dear?" She asked, I grinned and passed her the crumbled letter that had been ruined due to my extreme excitement. Harmony looked calmly at me and grinned, "Well we need to congratulate you!" She explained, I expected her to say maybe we could meet up with my mum or something daft like that, something that would be a punishment but instead she said "Pizza for breakfast!" I laughed and grinned and dashed to the wall phone. My mother had a strict diet for a millionaire pop-star like myself, which included no treats a grinned smugly as I ordered my pizza from 'Derts Pizza Hurt' I ordered a Extra Large with extra pepperoni.  He laughed at my excited voice and promised to be around here in less that half-a-hour. Harmony grinned and then began mopping the kitchen, Harmony was our maid, but she acted like my best friend/mum/sister all in one which made me love her but yet she did all the tidying and it made her more loveable, she was my favourite and only company. I cleaned up our Chinese from last night and got out a Pizza plate and a knife, Harmony looked at me surprised so I put the cutlery back and she laughed softly. The doorbell rang and Harmony dashed off to answer it carrying back my pizza I dug in. The phone rang just as Harmony finished my last piece that sadly I couldn't force into my small body. 

"What do you need, Arabella?" My mum said, her voice sounded tired and worn. 

"I got in!" I yelled down the phone and me and Harmony grinned hopelessly at each other. 

"Oh, that's nice, Bella. Well maybe we can buy you a nice new outfit. I have to go. Bye, darling." Her phone went dead. I huffed. Harmony looked at my sympathetically. Each weekend Harmony went to see her only family which was her elderly grandma and her younger cousin and brought them food and money and sometimes my own handy-downs yet she was happier than I would ever be. When I was a millionaire pop star going to a local school. 



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