Stepping into Little Mix's world,Nina enjoys this new experience with her new best friends - at first. Will friendship last or will jealously tear them apart?


1. Kicked Out


"AND DON'T EVEN THINK OF CRAWLING BACK TO ME"  Emma shoved my back with the palm of her hand,I stumbled out on to the doorstep. As i spun around to explain myself the door slammed in my face violently,making me jump back a little from shock.Wow,she'd warned me about not paying my share of the rent, but I really didn't think she'd get that angry. I lifted my hand to knock the door,but soon put it down,no way is she going to forgive me this time.

 All I had on was my purple onsie and a pair of black converse,the material hugged around my body comforting me. I'd like to,but i couldn't live in this onsie forever,for example i couldn't exactly go for a job interview in it could I? I searched through my backpack that was slung over one shoulder i'd managed to grab a few outfits,my phone and 2 packets of salt and vinegar crisps.

"Great" i mumbled to myself, as I hopped off the doorstep and began walking,I don't exactly know where i'm going but I had a rough idea, I ripped open a packet of crisps and carried on my journey,my journey to the Thirlwall's household.



I'm not the best writer, I just enjoy it, so i apoligise if it's not very good but I hope you enjoy reading it, if you do please leave some feedback,thank you! ♡

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