This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who went to sleep and had a dream but it wasn't a dream it was real. It was where 1D are trying to kidnap her many many times but Ammarah just won't give in. Every night she goes to sleep she wakes up and sees them try to kidnap her. She does fall in love with one of them. One night when they try to kidnap it happens.


2. So, this is not a dream?

Ammarah's POV

I woke up and see everything is how it was before an i look around. Thank god last night was a dream.  I look at my arm and it is bandaged. thats weird oh well. i get up prettty fast . BIG BIG MISTAKE! I fall right there and land on the floor with a big THUD! i feel a sharp stinging pain in my right leg. i look at it and it looks fine except for the fact that it hurts then i hear foot steps running. now i think to my self my parents are gone on vacation so they couldnt be back already? then i see not one not two not three not four but five bodies staring stright at me. Oh God! i wasnt dreaming was i? "No, you werent!" said liam. did i just say that out loud ? okay then. "so um could one of u plz help me up cuz i dont think i want to lay here for the rest of the day!" i said. so thy help me up and put me on the bed. I ask them "so yyou did put alchohal swabs on me?" they nodded. im alergic to it is what i said to them.

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