Accidental Love

Sam was expecting only a couple days of torture when she was attending her bridezilla cousins wedding as a bridesmaid. She didn't think that when the hotel screws up she would end up sharing a room with superstar Harry Styles. Will she be able to avoid him as much as possible like she wanted too? Or will another hotel glitch end up changing her mind about him?


9. This Won't Work.

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up somewhat refreshed. Something about that girl playing the piano last night calmed me down. I sat up in my bed and Louis came out of the bathroom.

"Morning Romeo!" I chuckled.

"Morning." I slipped out of bed and checked my phone I had about 20 texts from Emily. I moaned and threw the phone on my bed. 

"Emily again?"

"She won't leave me alone."

"She never HAS left you alone." I sighed and sat on my bed putting my head in my hands.

"Hey good news" Louis said sitting next to me. I lifted my head to look at him "I let our tour manager know about the whole Ellen show thing and he said he would try to get us on the show by our LA show."

"But our LA show isn't for weeks."

"Yeah." He sighed. I thought for a second.

"Just tell him to forget about it.. we will find her some other way." We were in florida one more night then we moved somewhere else. No clue where. Maybe that girl will be playing piano again. She is the only thing that could probably put my mind on something other than Samantha for a while. 

We had a long day. Promotion stuff, our second show here. But I was ready to go back to the hotel and relax. When we got back it was about the time as the night before when I found that girl, so I thought I would take a walk.

"Louis I'll be back in a while."


I went down stairs and started walking down the hall towards the room with the piano, I couldn't hear anything. I walked into the room and no one was there. I let out a breathe and walked to the piano and plunked a few of the keys when I heard something behind me. I turned to see a girl walking out of the room.

"Hey." she stopped but didn't say anything. "were you the girl in here yesterday." There was a short pause before I saw her head nod I moved a little closer to her. She put her sweatshirt hood over her head. "Are you alright?" She shook her head and I heard her sniffle. I was about to put my hand on her shoulder but she ran away before I could "Wait! Come back!"

Sam's P.O.V

I could barely see where I was going through my tears I turned the corner and ran to the elevator I went inside and fell to the floor crying. Hearing his voice made me miss him so much. But he doesn't need me, he can do so much better. I looked up as the doors were closing to see Harry running towards the elevator. Shit. He stopped in his tracks.

"Samantha?" Is all I heard before the doors closed and I was going up to my floor. Why did he have to see me? Why couldn't I have just gone back home and forgotten all about this? I stood up because I was about to get to my floor but when the doors open I saw Harry staring at me, out of breathe. I tried to get around him but it didn't work. he grabbed my arm. "Samantha." I looked at him and he smiled slightly. 

"I have to go." I mumbled trying to get away but his grip tightened. 

"Why are you running away from me?"

"Because," I looked at him in his sad eyes, "You are a celebrity. We won't work out we will never work out. You can have any one you want, You deserve so much better than me!"

"I want you Samantha! And you know what, I think you want me too." I shook my head. "Sam you can't tell me you didn't feel exactly what I felt that night in the hotel. when we kissed it was... man I can't even explain it!" I looked at the ground and he finally let go of my arm. 

"I did feel that Harry. But we can't work! I'm normal, I'm trying to find a job back home! I'm broke my apartment will probably be taken from me soon because no one will hire me. and you're traveling the world, meeting fans, living your dream. I'll just be dragging you down."

"Wait back home? So why did you come here?" I'm sure he knew exactly why.

"I came here to find you. I came to your concert yesterday night and got in line for your 'mystery woman' these two girls in front of me harassed me so I went to my nosebleed seat which had a perfect view of backstage and you kissing your 'mystery girl'."

"You saw that? Did you see that she grabbed me and kissed me and I couldn't get out of it? Because that kiss meant nothing! Just some crazy fan trying to convince me to forget about you because YOU are my mystery girl. I haven't even seen her since." there was a long silence.

"Harry. Don't get me wrong. I like you a lot. but I need to go back home, and get a good job."

"Right I get it." I turned away and went to my room, before opening the door I looked back at Harry who looked really sad. I walked back over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  but before I could walk away again he slammed his lips onto mine. when he pulled away he smiled.

"Just to hold me over until… well it will probably only hold me over until tomorrow." I laughed and went back to my room. I looked back to see him gleaming. I waved as I walked into my hotel room and fell onto my bed, smiling. 



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