Accidental Love

Sam was expecting only a couple days of torture when she was attending her bridezilla cousins wedding as a bridesmaid. She didn't think that when the hotel screws up she would end up sharing a room with superstar Harry Styles. Will she be able to avoid him as much as possible like she wanted too? Or will another hotel glitch end up changing her mind about him?


5. Getting Worse

Sam's P.O.V.

I drove my rental car back to the dealership then took a taxi back home. Once I got there I threw my stuff in my room then sulked to the couch. I plopped onto it and just started daydreaming when my phone went off. I had an email. I looked at it and it was from that photography travelling thing. I opened it quickly with a smile which quickly rubbed off my face. I didn't get in. Things couldn't get any worse, until I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened it, it was Michelle.

"Hey girly!" she said walking past me as I closed the door. 

"Hello.." She went and sat on my couch as I followed her.

"So when are you going to see Harry again?" she asked making herself comfortable.

"I'm not." 

"What!? didn't you hit it off!? being stuck in a hotel room with a hot guy all night, how could you not?"

"We did hit it off... it's a long story." there was a short pause. "wait... How did you know I-"

"Elizabeth was complaining about you to me earlier." I sighed. That will hang over my head forever.

"Listen, If you wouldn't mind coming over later... I'm not really in the mood." She gave me a puppy dog look.

"Oh, please just tell me what happened last night?" she sat there for about a minute looking at me with a sad face before I caved. So I told her everything, every little detail. Even though it made me a little sad when I thought about it. "Sam. Why would you blow him off like that? he obviously likes you!"

"Relationships with famous people never last long. And knowing me I get attached too easily then my heart gets broken." 

"I think you need to take a risk for once."

"I'll just stay here thank you." 

"Fine, but I'm not leaving you when you look this upset. Let's watch a movie get your mind off of it." She turned on the T.V. and the local new was on

"thousands of teenage girls are lining up on the streets of where the famous One Direction will be singing tonig-" Michelle flipped off the T.V. right as the picture of the boys showed on screen.

"Sorry..." She said. "Maybe I SHOULD go."

"Yeah. I think I'm going to sleep." Michelle nodded and walked over to the door. She was about to open it when she called my name. I turned to her from the couch. "Just keep in mind... they probably wouldn't be hard to find." and with that she left and I fell asleep so quickly I couldn't even think about Harry for a second.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was in the dressing room, while the other boys were getting ready, I hadn't even started yet. My mind kept going back to Sam. 

"Harry, you should get ready." Louis said walking over to me. I nodded slowly and changed my clothes. I had never felt this sad after a girl left me. I don't know why she was leaving such a big mark on me.. It just hurts to think I might never see her again. When just what I needed walked in.

"Harry! I've missed you!" Emily said running over to me and hugging me. I made no effort to hug back. "Uh.. Hello earth to Harry. Your girlfriend is hugging you." 

"Yeah I got that Emily." 

"What has gotten into you? are you doing okay?" She put her hand on her chest and a worried look went over her face.

"No Emily I'm not..." she jumped back a little. I felt bad for saying what I was about to but I needed to do it. "I have feelings for someone."

"Aww Harry thats so swe-" she went in to try and hug me.

"Not with you Emily, with someone else." 

"What!? I was hired to be your girlfriend!! I deserve you!!"

"Yeah well now your fired.. Sorry Emily but I can't live a lie anymore."

"Ughh!!!" She stopped her foot and went out, slamming the door behind her. Then Niall came up to me and held out his hand. I high-fived it with a small smile across my face.

"Finally!" Zayn yelled out.

"Yeah except I just broke up with her over liking Sam but I will probably never see her again."

"Keep your head held high buddy. It isn't over yet." Liam said putting his arm around my shoulder and I smiled. It's great to have friends like this when you really need them

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