What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


24. Valentines Day!!!

Part 24 –



Its Valentines day!!! I woke up to my last bouquet of flowers, and it wad the biggest of them all! The card attached read, 'Youve probably guessed who it is already! Someone will show you were to go! Hope your presents okay too!xxxxxxxx'

Id rushed downstairs too quickly, that i hadnt realised there was a sparkling box placed where my flowers had been! Harry hadnt been there to greet me which was disappointing, but i knew the flowers were from him all along now and i couldnt wipe the smile off my face! He hadnt forgot! I pulled the bow of the box and yanked the lid off to, revealing a white hoddie with the words 'I heart Harry Styles' written on the front! I squeeled and ran into Chloe room who was holdong the same hoodie up except hers was pink and had Zayn Malik instead of Harry. Alicia bounced in with a copy in purple with Louis' name on and Megan was in her room shoving on the green Liam Payne one! We all had to go wake Chelsea up but when she saw we all he opened valentines presents and hers was on the table, she jumpedout of bed and ripped the wrapping paper off! She revealed a black one with Nialls name written on the front! We all got dressed into shorts and our hoodies and rushed downstairs to find the boys. None kf them were here but when we noticed a white envelope on the kitchen cunter we regained happiness.



'Girls, we knew you thought we'd forgot about you! Were not those kind of lads, but we are the kind of guys that want to give a girl a special day out for valentines! Plans have changed slightly but we cant tell you yet, more suprises in store! Be ready for 2, a limo will come pick you up, see you soon ladies!' Megan read aloud and we all sqeaked! I looked at my watch. 1.00! We had an hour!

'Girls we need to get ready, we have an hour!' i exclaimed running straight upstairs and to the bathroom! I brushed my teeth so they shined and quickley put some make up on. I pushed my hair into a messy bun and then let the girls into the bathroom. They all crowded round the mirror and i just laughed.




I was all ready by half one so wauting for the girls downstairs. I flicked a switch and the radio came on, letting WMYB travel round the house!

'BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE!!' i sung at the top of my lungs and heard Paige sing the next line from upstairs. Chelsea, Chloe and Megan joined in and soon we were partying out of the house to a limo. It was unreal.



The limo driver opened the door for us. Before each of us got in, he placed a blindfold over our eyes and escorted us into the car. After around what felt like 30 minutes driving, we came to a halt. The taxi driver helped us out again and stood us in a line. We were all holding hands so i knew where they were and when the blindfolds dropped my jaw went with it! Five beautiful wooden boats were lined up infront of us. Our boyfriends were sat inside the one infront of us and each had a beautiful rose in their hands. We looking at one another and squeeled again, clapping our hands and smiing massivly!! It was like a fairytale! We each pinch each others arms to see if we were dreaming and i was delighted when i didnt wake up! The boys stood up all at the same time and held a hand out. I grabbed Nialls hand and he helped me into the boat, laughing at our jumpers. Harry sharded a kiss, a quite long kiss, with Paige and Louis and Alicia kissed too. Niall stroked my face and kissed my cheek before pecking my cold lips. I blushed as i turned to see Zayn and Chloe kissing and Megan and Liam kissing too! It was discustingat the same time as cute.

'Get a room you guys!' i said and everyone laughed.

'Shut up! We'll all meet back here at 3.30, dont be late!' Louis said as he rowed the boat away and he and Alicia set off. Niall did the same and we were all floating along the lake. It was the cutest thing id ever seen!



The boat ride was Amazayn! Zayn kept telling me how beautiful i looked and when i got cold he took his jacket off and put it round my shoulders. We spent most of the time kissing romanticly in the sun which felt brilliam and it was just a fablouis ride! When it got to 3, we started to make our way back as we didnt want to be late. I had a great time in the boats and more to come seemed likd fun! When everyone arrived we walked off hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with our boys and we camd to a stop suddenly. Blindfords were put on us again and the boys lead us somewhere quite cold but the floor felt soft. I felt a warmth in front of me and as the blindfold was removed i saw a campfire like the first night and i felt a tear of joy fall down my face. All of us girls did and the boys kissed us to stop us! We talked and laughed and a little picnik have beenayed out too! Niall had his guitar and we all sang their songs around the fire! It was the best night of my exsistance!



We went back at around 6pm and we watche ten movies all night long, all our favourites! Liam screemed when i shoved a spoon in his face and Niall fell asleep through the eight film. I dont blame him as it had been an eventful day! It was late and me and Liam were the only ones who had stayed up to watch all the films. Paige and Hsrry were laying next to each other on one couch, Harry wihth his arms round her and the cover up to their necks. Niall was asleep on the floor with Chelsea resting her head on his thigh. Chloe had her head in Zayns lap while he was sat up asleep with his head backwards. Liam hd put a pillow there so he didnt hurt his neck. Louis and Alicia had taken up the last couch, Alicias head resting in Louis' chest, so we were stuck on the floor, Megans head resting on my shoulder.

'Want to go upstairs?' Liam saud winking at me when the film was over. I smiled mischiviously,

'And do what may i ask?'

'Have the perfect end to a perfect valentines with a perfect girl like you?' he took my hand while standing up and dragged me upstairs. That was the best valentines ever...!

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