What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


22. Two days.

Part 22 –



I felt like laughing so hard when Alicia walked downstairs with the note and gave me a mucky look! She was so guible! Lou asked me to write the note so he could tell her to go. He had a big day planned for her and i was willing to help, but i was worried if Chelsea found out! What if Alicia told her? Louis said dont tell anyone unless it was absolutly nessesary, so i havent. I decided to try keep Chelsea and Alicia away from each other until Sunday. The next three days were going to be hell! I decided to stuff the note idea for Chelsea as she was really blonde and i knew she'd get confused. So im just pretending i forgot, and ill suprise her on the day with the lads. Ill get confused myself! Im taking her for a walk when Lou and Alicia get back so they dont talk about it.


-LiamsPOV- Its valentines day on Sunday, and i don't have a clue what to get Megan! Shes already got me something i think csuse i saw her stuffing something into her wardrobe that was tied with one of thoose big red valentines bows. I was sat on the bed, braibstorming ideas, when duddenly i looked up and it hit me. Literally!

A purple jumped with 'I heart Liam Payne' written across the front had been launched at me. Harry ran in giggling. He shut the door and locked it to keep out Megan.

'You owe me a tenna! Me and Zayn went out and got each of the girls one with our names written on! Their for valentines day from us to the girls, quick hide it, i heard footsteps!!' he said excitedly unlocking the door and running down the stairs like a monkey. I shoved it in the top cubard, the one Megan couldnt reach, and i plonked myself on the bed, grabbing my phone quickley, pretending to text as she walked in.

'Hey!' i said happily looking up at her.

'Hiya, having a nice day? Its boiling, why you in here!?' she said suprised whilst leaning against the doorframe.

'I'm coming now, was just putting my phone on charge!' i lied convincingly and grabbed my shorts.

'Ill be down in a sec'

'Okayy, ill wait by the pool, need a tan!' she said before skipping out of the door. I pulled on my shorts, grabbed some suncream and rushed down to the pool.

'Liam? Where were you?!' Harry said winking.

'I was just putting my phone on charge' i said giggling to myself. Paige and Chloe gave us funny looks but went back to swimming. I decided tio go get some icecream and a fork to eat. I 'couldnt find' a spoon so recieved more funny looks when i came out with my fork! A cat jumped up onto the wall which made us all jump. Harry spun round to see it.

'PUSSSYYY!!!' he shouted at the top of his lungs pointing his finger at it making us all burst into hysterics!! Lou and Alicia walked in a few minutes later just as Niall and Chelsea left. Zayn went off to show Louis the jumpers while we made Alicia stay downstairs.



Harry confused me when he was winking at Liam and Lou. I knew there was something going on when those flowers came because he was acting weird, but this was just strange. I tryed to ignore his weirdness, but he just kept disappearing at random time.


Its two day till valentines day, and none of the lads have said anything to us! I supose they dont really get the chance to remenber it normally since their working all the time, but i felt like it was just going to be a normal Sunday! Another vase of flowers came again, this time a bunch of blue violets, with a third note attached.

'Roses are red, voilets are blue, your mine forever, im lucky to havve you!.x.'

Cheesy again, but ut ruled out James for definate! Id only just met him, and we were barley friends. It led me towards Harry but i couldnt be sure. I was already his but this was so mysterious! Its something i wouldnt except Harry to do at all! Alicia came running into my room when she woke up with another note thst had poked out of her bra when she had got changed.

'6pm, wear water appropriate clothes...x'

Her notes were just as strange as mine! Shed shown me the one before from Niall too and she knew he wanted to go somewhere with her. Louis had ordered her to go and she said she would. Chloe hadnt said anything but we thought it was weird how as soon as she woke up she ran downstairs to check her phone as fast as she could.


-ChloesPOV- I was really excited for Sunday! It was Valentines day and id been getting weird texts from someone saying they wanted me to meet them. I felt quite bad on Zayn but when i told him, he ordered me to go...

'Trust me! We'll spend more time together than you think...' hed said before walking off. It was really weird but all the lads were acting weird. I agreed to go but was quite scared. I trusted Zayn, but what if it was a pedo or soemthing! Zayn said hed walk me halfway and hed send me the right way too! He was so gentemanly so i agreed to meet this mysterious person at the lake...

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