What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


11. This wasn't the plan.


Part 11 –



I heard a huge crash and rushed out to see what had happened, i saw Paige, Louis, Alicia and Niall lying on the floor their eyes all closed and they were barely breathing. Nialls arm seemed bent in a funny position, as did Paige’s legs; while Alicia’s thumb was bent all the way back and Louis had huge bruises and scratches on his face, arms and legs. I hadn’t a clue what was going on but checked to see if any of them were breathing with the help of Liam and Megan who had just strolled in with the same expression i had.

'Hello?' a nice woman answered the phone.

'Hi, four of my friends are unconscious on the floor, I’m so worried could you please help!' i screamed down the phone at the unknown nurse.

'I'll send an ambulance to your address right now!' the woman said calmly and i told her my details. I knelt by the side of Paige until the ambulance came. I let a tear drop onto her t-shirt and buried my face into my hands. This was so not what i had in plan for the night...



I answered the door and said hello to the eight men standing at my door. They were dressed in bright yellow jackets and had four hospital bed things and they all helped to haul our unconscious friends onto one. Harry was paced up and down the kitchen so worried and Liam was trying to keep him calm. Chelsea had just come in from the pool side and we were informing her about what had happened. I text Zayn and Chloe who were out at the park telling them to meet us at the hospital in an hour or so. I tried staying calm, even though seeing four of your best friends being carried off to hospital was quite tragic! I just hoped it was nothing too serious...



I wasn’t moving, but i felt someone carry me onto a softer surface than the hard cold floor that i had hit my head on. My eyes wouldn’t open either and my limb wouldn’t work how i wanted them to. I could hear thing around me.

'They’re going to be fine, just a few broken bones, bruises and scratches, but everything will be fine. It looks to me like the blonde haired boy' Niall, 'got a broken wrist or maybe full left arm, and the other boy wearing the stripes' wait that’s me! 'Hasn’t broken any bones, except maybe his nose, but just huge bumps and scratches on his face. The blonde hair girl' Oh no Alicia! ‘May have and broken right thumb and small hole in her head can easily be fixed with stiches, however, she seems quite stiff. As for the other girl with brown hair' Paige, 'she defiantly broke her left leg but should be out in a few days. You can visit the hospital any time at all but after 7pm only three visitors may stay.' i heard a calm high pitch voice say all this to the others i presume but the rest of the convocation was a blur as the voices got fainter and fainter when i was being rolled to the ambulance and drove to the hospital with the others.


-LiamsPOV- This holiday isn’t going too well so far, except for of course me and Megan being together. We’d spent lot of the time in this two day just talking none stop and learning more about each other. Our convocations never became dry cause there was always things to talk about. She seemed really calm about this whole situation. We headed off to the hospital, well me, Megan, Harry and Chelsea did, as Zayn and Chloe were meeting us there. Megan drove as she was the calmest and we were all in shock. Harry was the most nervous. He was shaking and had a few tear stains on his t-shirt, but it was only because the girl he lived was in hospital unconscious and he was worried about her. None of us blamed him but he seemed devastated and barley talked to anyone on the way. The nurse at our house said they’d been in rooms 23, 24, 25 and 26, so as soon as we pulled up, Harry shot out of his car and inside, without even checking in. A receptionist shouted after him so i quickly followed him and made sure the receptionist knew why were here. Harry jumped into room 24 where Paige was and i went over to room 26 to see Louis, while Chelsea walked nervously into room 23 where Niall was and Zayn and Chloe went to see Alicia in room 25. Megan went off to buy Harry and Chelsea some things as they said they wanted to spend the night in the hospital with Niall and Paige. They were so nice and i wanted to be there for them all, but Harry told me that me, Megan, Zayn and Chloe should go home and not worry. We went off home and left then at the hospital when visiting hours were over.

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