What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


9. The truth.


Part 9 –



I woke up to guitar music and ‘what makes you beautiful’ next door. I ignored the sound as i figured it must be Niall. It went on for another 20 minutes as i lay in bed with a head ache already. Everything he did now was annoying me! I can’t believe he kissed that ugly slag whilst i was stood right there! I actually believed he liked me as well! Guess i was wrong. I was sick of the music so banged on the wall tell him to shut up. He did but the next thing i know he’s knocking on the door, asking to come in.

'Chelsea please let me in? She kissed me, I’m so sorry' i heard him sniff a little outside the door. I wasn’t giving him any sympathy.

'No she did not! I watched you Niall! I watch you and her kiss and it ripped my heart to pieces! Just leave me alone!!' i said and burst into tears. I threw the stuffed bear Niall had won me back at the airport at the door and i heard heavy footstep run downstairs. I dried my eyes again ignore Niall when i walked downstairs and heading out of the door towards the pool. I sat on a sunbed by myself, thinking about how horrid id been to him. I saw them kiss, why would he lie to me? I really liked him...



I'm an idiot! I kissed Liam’s ex with my crush watching and now everyone’s holidays ruined. I had to fix this somehow. I went outside staring at the floor as i did with my hands in my pockets. Chelsea turned around to see who had come and seemed angry when she saw me.

'What do you want Niall?' she said without looking back up.

'Look Chelsea just listen-' i was cut off by her.

'Niall, you kissed Liam’s ex in front of me and you expect me to listen!? I actually liked you Niall, and i thought you liked me too!-' she shouted angrily.

'I do! I thought we were just friends!?' I said my tone a little louder now.

'With benefits' she mumbled to herself, hoping i hadn’t heard, ' so did i, but i made it obviously clear i liked you, or at least i tried! Your different to every other guy I’ve met, your funny, cute charming and just the sweetest lad ever, but all that smashed when you kissed Danielle, clearly you enjoy kissing you best friends ex so go ask her!' she screened in my face, trying to walk away. I grabbed her arm before she could go. She was weak so it wasn’t too hard to grab her back. I spun her round to face me; i felt a tear drop from my eye and started to talk.

'Chels I’m so sorry, she kissed me. I haven’t dated many girls, and I’ve only kissed a few of them. But i wanted yours to be perfect... I was planning on surprising you so kissed her back as a practice. She knew i liked you! She was going to help me get everything ready and help me calm down! I didn’t know she was going to kiss me, or else i wouldn’t have done-' i was stopped by her lips against mine. It was magical. It was long, longer than any others and a chorus of awes went on behind us. When i finally pulled away, i was confused, happy as ever, but confused.

'You kissed me?' i stated the obvious

'Never.' she laughed.

'But why? What about what happened?' i was so confused.

'I was just making sure you were ready. I figured if you enjoyed Danielle’s kiss, then you wouldn’t kiss me, and if you really liked me, you would. I trust you Niall.' she said winking and walked off. I coughed and she turned round.

'What?' she said

'Does this mean we can go get Nandos tonight for our first date?' i asked trying to ease the tension. She giggled and nodded before walking back inside. I was super happy and did a 'Niall with no gravity' jump into the pool with a beaming smile. I was finally dating a perfect girl. Me, her and Nandos was going to be a dream come true...

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