What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


17. The return of Zayn

Part 17 –



Im such a bad driver! I was driving home with Paige and Harry sat together in the backseat, both tired and Paige was asleep. I dont really like driving fast so was going quite slow, and i acideny turned the wrong way. Harrys shouted for me to go the other way and woke Paige up while he was at it. Were home now after driving for about 9 hours! But now Zayn missing. Were all looking for him. I was missing him already and it had only been a few hours. We waited up for him all night, most of us falling asleep in the lounge. Chloe had stayed up ALL night and was really upset and worried. They really loved each other. That morning at around 9am, i woke up as my phone was vibrating on my stomach. Alicia was asleep on my shoulder so i couldnt move. The number was unknown, but it couldv'e been Zayn so i answered it.

'Hello?' i said nervously

'Hello Louis' the voice wasn't familliar.

'Whos this? And how do you know my name?' i was a little scared and confused. By this time Alicia was awke so we went upstairs to carry on the convosation.

'Im with Zayn.' the mysterous voice said. I gasped and mouthed to Alicia, her too gasping with shock.

'Where is he? Is he okay?' i asked excited that we'd found Zayn but frustrated because i was unsure of who it was.

'Hes fine, for now... Just come to the beach at 1 and ill give him back' the call ended and i was left in silence with Alicia.



I was worried about Zayn. I was relieved when Louis got the weird phone call saying that they knew where Zayn was, but i was scared. Lou described the voice as a deep husky voice a little like my own but it wasnt me! We all argreed to go with him to meet the guy, as we didnt want Louis to get hurt. We were setting off to the beach with everyone. Me and Paige were walking together, my hand round her waist and talking to Louis who was walking hand in hand with Alicia. Chloe was ahead of everyone else, eager to see Zayn, and Chelsea and Niall were walking together with Liam and Megan who were walking with their hands locked together. As we got closer to the beach and stepped onto the warm sand, we saw a muscly figure sat in the middle of the beach, with his legs tucked into his boddy and his head between them. Chloe kicked off her shoes and ran over but was stopped by two large men. It was like a weird film! Like the bad guy wanted to kill Zayn and ruin the band....

Id just jinxed it....


-ZaynsPOV- I was so scared! Rob grabbed me when we were all looking for Harry, Paige and Louid, and shoved me into that posh black limo! Rob was our ex manager, but we all agreed that was wanted someone better as mangement, so we fired him! I was delighted to see Chloe running over but i knew that she wouldnt get much firther to me and two huge men came a grabbed her to the side. The others followed and i was suprised that they'd all come for me! I smiled when i saw them but went back to staring at the sand after. Chloe was in tears, and it was devastating to see her upset over me. I tryed to make her laugh by pulling my funny face and sticking my tounge out. She smiled but the man to her left glared at her and she looked at her feet. Rob came over to the me and stated talking in a stern voice.

'I was a great manager, you all know that! And i wasnt exactly happy when you told the lads that it would be best to find a replacement!'

'Well im sorry, but we didnt feel comfortable around you! And we wanted our independance, not to have to delete our tweets because they were 'inapropriate'! Were just teenage lads, having a blast! Were not 6, and neither are our fans!' i argued back while the guys looked at me, egging me on and thanking me. I spoke quite loud so they could hear me. The girls loked puzzeled so i saw Niall explain who it was and what had happened. Clearly Rob was only being like this because he was angry. Liam rushed over and joined the argument.

'Just leave us alone! You not our manager anymore and your not going to be! Just go away? Hoe did you even know we were going to be here?!' Liam said, acting hard but i could see him shaking.

'Your pathetic! Just go away!' a stripy figure emerged from behind Liam and Louis joined in too.

'I agree, come on guys, lets go!' Niall and Harry choursed as they agreed. I stood up and stood with the lads. I quickly glanced behind me and saw the girls stood together admiring our bums. I gigled, even though it wasnt really the time to laugh.

'Fine, go, your musics getting eorst by the minute and your just five idiots that could've been BIG!' he said waiting for our come back. When he said our music was rubbish it set Chloe off and she was getting angrier by the minute. The other girls didnt semm happy either so i spoke first.

'We dont need haters like you to bring us down, we have better fans and as long as we have our girls, were fine!' i exclaimed smiling putging my arm around Chloe who had stepped forward to stand next to me. She kissed my cheak and the others walked forward too.

'Look, just go away, they don't need you! Their big enough and even if they wernt One Direction, their still our friends, Liams still my backbone and nobody cares about your stupid opinion! Bye' Megan said loudly while Liam kissed her forehead. They walked off towards the villa.

'You guys coming?' Liam shouted to us and we all followed leving Rob looking like the idiot he is! That night we went out to celebrate Zayns return, Nandos of course, cause we were so stupid as to let Niall choose where we went.

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