What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


12. The hospital.


Part 12 –



I could hear Chelsea’s sweet voice in my ears but it was a shame i couldn’t answer her to reassure her I’m fine!

'Niall, don’t go, i love you!' she said stuttering sounding like she was crying and i felt a cold wet drop fall onto my numb arm. From what i could hear, the door opened and closed and everything was silent. I couldn’t stop her from going as i couldn’t say anything. I tried to utter my words, but my mouth glued shut and i lay alone.



I felt much better after Liam had come visit me, even though i wasn’t moving. He started talking to me about when the band had first joined up on the X Factor, and how we were just like strangers until we sang Torn. That changed our lives. He was talking about our Video diary’s, and reminding me of my favourite one...


So, i told you guys i had a liking for girls that liked carrots,

And i received lots of carrots through the post,

And now,

I’ve decided I’ve taken a liking to girls who like Lamborghinis...


It was my favourite memory with the boys. It made me sad just thinking about that one day, we won’t be One Direction, because one day, one of us won’t be here, but we’ll be up in the heavens looking down on the other four, and now our girls. The five bests we called our best friends. That day could be today for all we know, but as the words travelled round my head, reminding me of all the things in the past, my eyelids fluttered while Liam was still talking to my still body. I wiggled a finger to see if i could move, and when it moved like a told it to, i turned my head left to right and very slowly sat up. Liam heard me shuffling and looking up in disbelief. His jaw fell to the floor and he came and hugged me tight. I was still in pain from all the bruises and pains, so i winced, telling him to loosen up. I sighed in relief when he did. The nurse came in at around 7am that morning while Liam was still here asleep in the chair and i woke up when she slammed the door. She smiled when she sat me with my eyes open.

'I see you’ve woke, how are you feeling?' the nurse whispered, trying not to wake Liam.

'Fine now, when will i be able to leave?' i asked uncertain of when i could see Alicia.

'When we see you walk. Your speech is fine and,' she checked my pulse to make sure it was normal, 'you heartbeats fine. If you can walk from one red dot to the other easily, you can go when you like.' she finished, pointing to two red dots in the middle on the floor. I walked normally from one to the other with no problems. She said i was free to go once she'd checked my nose as it had looked broken on the x-rays. I agreed and waited for her to return. When she did she confirmed that it was broken and id have to quickly have it bandaged properly.

'Right your free to go! Have a nice day, and be careful please?!' the nurse said and as i grabbed my phone, wallet and keys, i woke Liam too. I quickly checked my twitter and saw i had over 6000 tweets from fans hoping we were okay and telling us to get better soon. I smiled happy that lots of people had noticed and i sent a quick tweet saying i was fine and that we were just waiting on Nialls results. Me and Liam crept out of the room and walked into Nialls room. He was lying still like i was and i felt my eyes well up, i couldn’t help myself and let out a few tears. Liam comforted me thankfully and i stopped. I hated seeing my friends hurt normally and this was just even worst! Then i remembered something, Alicia!

'What rooms Alicia in?!' i rushed my words. Liam directed me to the right room and left me and her to be alone. He went to go meet Megan outside. I sat down next to her and locked my fingers between mine. A few more tears were released and i burst out crying. I couldn’t take it anymore, so i kissed her forehead, and left the room trying to dry my tears as i left. I figured Harry must still be with Paige so entered the only room left on the corridor. I guessed correctly seeing Harry sat forward in a chair his head in his hands and his eyes were bloodshot and red when he looked up hoping to see the nurse. He was even more delighted to see me and he came up to me squeezing me into a hug, but loosening quickly when he remembered that I’d just come out of the room next door.

'You okay mate?' i said putting a hand on his shoulder as he looked at his feet. He wiped a bit of mud off the white leather before replying.

'Been better, you broke your nose i see?' he replied

'Yeah, what’s Paige done?' i said worried. He sighed.

'Broke her right leg.' Harry said in a quite tone.

'Too bad mate, she'll be okay, i see you've signed her pot already?' i said winking, and i read it aloud,

'Paige, i love you, Harry.x.'

'Aww Hazza, that’s so sweet, told you you’re a softie!' i said and we both joked before going back to our serious faces.

'You asked Alicia yet dude?' Harry asked. I'd completely forgot about the plan.

'Oh no! I forgot! Will you help me when she wakes?' i asked hoping he'd say yes, which he nodded in agreement. That’s why we’re Larry Stylinson!

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