What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


18. Nandos and James.

Part 18 -



Ohemgee!! Were going to Nandos tonight! Yeah budddyy!!! Zayns back, everythings back to normal and we can enjoy the rest of our vacation in peace. Me and Chelsea are still together and i really love her, but i dont think the managments going to be impressed when i go back with a dodgy arm. Oh well, it was a great adventure! My phone buzzed and i recieved a text from Paige, 'Will you bring down my phone, its chelsea! Thanks.xxx.'

I searched the room for Chelsea's phone but couldnt see it. She entered the room a little while after.

'Did you get that text off Paiges phone?' she asked.

'Yeah, i cant find it!' i replied still searching under the duvet and pillows. She walked over to the shelf on the wall and reached above her. Her phone was perched on the top shelf so she had to stand her tip toes to reach it, but she eventually got it. She sat on the edge of the bed and checked her messages. I was tidying the desk back up when she screemed from behind me. I swirled round to see what had happened and she was zmiling and tapping keys on her phone really fast.

'Whats wrong!?' i asked worried incase it was something bad.

'James text me!!! We dat- i mean, were bestfriends ages ago and he moved away, over here!! When i told him i was coming he said he was busy but hes got the night off work tonight! So i asked if he wanted to come with us to Nandos and hes agreed!! Is that okay?' she seemed really happy about meeting up with James.

'Its fine babe!' i said with a fake smile. I wanted her to be all to myslef tonight but she really seemed to miss this James guy.



I couldnt believe James was coming to Nandos with us tonight! I knew he was super busy and had loads of work to do! We dated once when we were in high school, around 6 years ago, and when i told me he was moving over here to Barcelona, i told him a Long Term Relationship would work if we just spoke lots, however after a week i couldnt taje it anymore without seeing him and we agreed to just be friends. I never excpected him to be able to come tonight! I wanted to impress him as it had been quite a while sice we'd met up. I out on my tight fitting white dress that had a small purple flower on the left hand side. I matvhed it with some purple heels Niall had bought me the other day while he was out. They were quite high but Niall didnt mind us being the same height for once, as long as i felt beautiful. He was such a cutie! My make up was light as i had picked up quite a tan and i let my hair fall, not bothering to straighten it as it looked nice naturally. When Niall walked in his jaw dropped so that made me feel better. He took my hand and led me down the stairs to meet with the others who all looked equally as beautiful! Chloe was wearing a tight black skirt that was really short and a cute blue vest top tucked it. On her feet she wore some blue flat ballet shoes to match. Paige was stood in the corner of the room her kips and Harrys not letting loose as i clomped down stairs. She was wearing some casual black skinny jeans that went perfect with a tight belly top showing her tanned stomach. A simple ballet shoe was placed on her foot. Harry had perched his Jack Wills hoodie over her shoulders. Alicia and Megan were both with Liam and Louis also kissing! They were so loved up it was umbelieveable! They both had cute playsuits on, Alicias was blue and Megans was black. Alicia had some brown sandels on her feet revealing her blue painted toes and she was carrying a small brown clutch bag. Megan had some high white heels on and i could see her iphone pokeing out of the pocket. None of us had gone over the top with our make up but our hair was all let loose, Alicia, Chloe and Paiges neatly clipped back with a bobby pin while megan had curled her short hair and mine was just wavy. The boys were checking us out as we walked to get our phones and keys. We thought it was really romantic how they each agreed to pay for us even though we argued playfully. I locked to door when everyone was out and we walked towards Nandos together. 



All the girls looked gorgeous and the boys had made a real effort! They looked really nice too and Harry, ufft, he looked B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! When we got to Nandos, James was stood outside the door waiting for us. Chelsea was first to reach him. Me and Megan hadnt met him before so i shook hands with him and gave him a polite hug as did the others. We had a great night although i felt sorry for Niall who was slightly ignored by Chelsea as she was too busy with James. It was a little rude how James had just come along and taken her away from him, but i didnt know him so i was in no place to judge. I talked to Harry, Louis and Alicia modt of the night as Niall was stuffing his face, James and Chelsea were catching up and Liam and Megan were chatting with Zayn and Chloe. The food was really nixe and when we were full we piled any scraps onto Nialls plate since he was happy to eat it!


-ZaynsPOV- After Nandos everyone headed off to the villa but me, chloe, chelsea and james went for a short walk along the beach in the moonlight. Chelsea invited Niall but he lyed and said he was too tired and full. We went tk the toilet in nandos and he told me about how he thought James was going to replace him. I told him id keep an eye on them and he thanked me. Me and Chloe walked along the sand close to the sea bare foot, our fingers tangled and our shoes in our spare hand. It was so romantic but when i kept looking behind me, i saw Chelsea and James flirting a little. Once i even looked round to see he'd picked her up and was threatening to throw her in the sea jokingly unless she kissed him goodnight. I made sure it didnt hapen but coughing loudly. Im not sure if anything happened after as James walked home with her and the two of them waited on the doorstep until me and Chloe had gone. When we went in i saw Niall staring out of his bedroom window spying on the two because hed left his door open a bit.

'What going on with them two?' i asked leaning against the doorframe making him jump.

'Oh, not alot, she just kissed him thats all' he said trying to sound like it was nothing but i heard hin crying behind his words. I walked in and gave him a hug.

'Im sorry mate! How do you know he didnt kiss her?' i asked trying to sound posotive.

'Maybe? I dont know, but can i sleep on the floor in your room tonight?' he said looking at me with his cute puppy dog eyes. I couldnt say no so patted him on the shoulder, nodded and left. Chloe had already changed into her PJs when i walked into our room.

'Nialls sleeping on the floor in here tonight, that okay hunn?' i said niey removing my jacket.

'Yeah of course! Why though?' she asked confused.

'Long story, ill tell you later' i said laughing and waiting for her to finish. We walked downstairs and joined Liam, Megan, Harry, Paige, Alicia and Louis on in the lounge who were talking about tomorrow.

'We could go shopping' Paige said winking and the girls started laughing.

'Nah, ill pass!' Liam said stroking Megans hair. He had his legs sprawled across a full couch megan sat between the two, her legs slightly bent.

'What about we go to the fair on the pier?' i sugested as i crashed on the floor with Chloe. The rest of the guys were taking up the other two sofas, two on each, so there was no room.

'Why not? Harry you okay with th-?' Louis joked before Harry interupted him.

'Yes im fine with it Lou! Shut up.' he said biting his lip.

'Why, whats wrong with the fair?' Paige asked.

'Oh, Harry doesnt-' Liam said being interupted by Harry for a second time.

'Nothing! Its fine Liam!' he said nervously.

'Come on Harry, you can tell me, you trust me right?' Paige said again looking into Harrys big sparkling eyes.

'Idontlikerollercoasters...' he mumbled.

'What?' Paige said getting closer to hear. He mumbled the same and she strained to hear.

'Oh for gods sake, he doesnt like rollercoasters!' Louis blurted out. When Harry gave him 'the look' Louis appologised and went upstairs with Alicia.

'It doesnt matter Harry! Im not a big fan of them really to be honest, so ill stay with you?' Paige said. I could tell they appriciated each other and really loved each other lots!

'Thanks babe!' Harry said and they sat on the sofa kissing and cudlling for the next 30 minutes while me and Chloe were sat watching The X Factor. It was the next serious already and we were eager to see what was in store this year! Some really good singers were on so i tweeted showing support for some of my favourites. Me and Chloe went up to bed after making sure not to trip over Niall as we stepped over him hoping not to wake him.

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