What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


25. Good news!:D

Part 25 –




It was our last full day before we were going home! We'd had the best 4 weeks with the lads ever but we were lucky to have spent it with One Direction! And i was going out with Zayn Malik!! It was amaZayn! I knew we wouldnt be seeing the boys as muvh when we got back as they were going to be working. We couldnt hold their music career back. However, we were going home to our familys for a week and then were moving in with the guys! That was going to be good too! The managment had told them no girlfriends but the boys told them straight they wernt the complete boss's of them and they were happy with us! The directioners were fine when Louis and Liam were dating Eleanor and Danielle, so why shouldn't we get to date them?



The past two weeks after valentines day have been more chilled out and we spent alot of the time just ordering take aways and watching movies till midnight. Tonight we were going out to the cinemas together before going home tomorrow. It was going to be much different when we were back home. We were barley going to see the lads but we couldnt stop them making music, and we didnt want to at all! We loved their music and them so we had to let them go. It was going to be good moving into their house since it was massivee! We couldnt be bothered getting food for tonight so we were just going to order chinese and finish our tans off before leaving back to the rain and cold.


-Louis'POV- Not seeing Alicia as much would be a little upsetting, and i didnt want to tell her that we were going to the Uk for our next tour. We'd be gone six months and i was going to try get managment to let us take them with us, but Derrek, our main manager, wasnt that keen on us being with other girls as it made the fans give up on us. Lots of them were really dedicated and truley did want to marry us and stuff! But i was in love with Alicia and that wasnt going to change! My heart was hers and it was forever!


-Harrys POV- Holidays almost over! Ive had a great time! Meeting my perfect girl, and having the best 4 weeks with my best mates! We were going home tomorrow morning so i had to tell the girls we were going to be on tour for six months. Im sure theyd understand, i think theyd be even more mad if we didnt tel them. So i gathered everyone into the living room and sat them down making my announcement. I sat on the arm of the chair next to Louis while everyone piled into the room and onto the couches. Megan came in first, her head in a book and then followed Alicia and Paige, who were laughing at something on their phones. The lads jumped in, Zayn on Liams back and Chloe and Chelsea following while Niall was chomping on a bag of sweets, stuffing his cheeks like a hamster. Hes such a pig!

'I think we needed to tell the girls something...' i said trailing my words

'What?' Niall said with his mouth full.

'You know, about the six months on tour?' i said quietly.

'WHAT!!?' Chesea shouted suprised. He mouth was open so Liam pushed her chin up with his finger.

'You'll catch flies' he said smiling trying to make her smile. She didnt.

'Its not going to be bad! Weve asked managment if we can bring you and they said they'll get back to us?' Louis said taking Alicias hand who was sat looking shocked. She smiled when Louis locked their hands together. Just then my phone started ringing. I answered it and walked out of the room while i talked down the phone. It was managment...



Harry came back into the room after a few minutes. He was half smiling and half frowning.

'That was the managment' he said. My heart sank when he said thoose four words.

'And?' Louis said urging him to continue.

'They said you girls can come along to each concert, but they dont want you at too many rehearsels and if you do anything stupid or tell anyone your staying ith us, your back home before you can say OneDirection!' he said laughing.

'Ahhhh! So we can come?' Chloe asked smiling, showed her pure white teeth.

'Yep, just don't pull any shananagans!' I said and we had a big group hug, before breaking off to the girls. Me and Chloe shared a long and pasionate kissed as did the others.


-AliciasPOV- I was packing my things before we went to the cinema so i had everything ready. Id already layed out tomorrows clothes and only had out my pyjamas and phone charger. I checked my twitter to see some girls asking if we were with One Direction. I laughed and reply to another that asked us to do a quick twitcam.

'GIRLS, FOLLOWS WANT A TWITCAM!!' i shouted from my room and everyone including the boys came rushing upstairs as i loaded it up.

'You wanting to join us?' i asked looking at Louis and the others.

'Yeah corse! Havent done a twtcam our selfs in a while so it will be good to see the fans!' Liam said poshly. We all 'ooooo'ed and he laughed. I swear down he's obsessed with Twitcams. But i guess that good, for the fans! I put on the twitcam and saw the veiwers shoot up to 500! It was our most veiwers ever and loads of messages came through.

'OMG! Your with One Direction!! How?! What?! Where?!' one girl put and we smiled and waved at the camera. The veiwers kept flowing in and we reply to a few. Somw people asked Liam to do the cinnamen chanllengd but he refused and they understood. When we turned it off, i gained almost 100 hundred more follows as did the other girls. It was 7 o clock so we left for the cinema and went to watch Women in Black again for some reason, so the boys had an excuse to protect us. It was a good film although i had my eyes behind my hands most of the time!

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