What makes you beautiful


*AUTHORS NOTE* Im super sorry about it all being not paragraphed, when i posted something went wrong on my phone and non of the paragraphs are going in :( not sure why, but if you really cant cope with it, then tell me and ill try fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much if you read though :')

A story about five girls who meet their dreams, and their idols, read on to find out what happens when the girls teacher gets them tickets to meet the five beautiful boys from One Direction, and their lives are turned upside down...


26. A happy ending :D

Part 26 –



So once again, its 5am in the morning, im shattered, hungry and bored waiting in the airport. Having dejavu'! I was sat with Chelsea waiting for our plane to board. Louis and Alicia were asleep so i chucked a chocolate bar at Louis which it hit him in his... Well you know what i mean. He jumped and woke up, also waking Alicia up at the same tine. She playfully hit him and rested her head on his shoulder waiting too. Harry and Paige had trotted off to look at things around and Liam and Megan had gone to pee. Chloe and Zayn were sat in the cafe not too far away sipping from tea cups and laughing with each other. They walked over not long after hand in hand and sat with us to wait. Paige and Harry came soon with a couple of shopping bags each. I asked what they'd got and they just shrugged. Liam and Megan got back just in time and the got onto the plane in time. Me and Chelsea sat with a row to ourselfs this time as we were sleeping for most of the time anyway. Louis, Harry, Paige and Alicia were sat on one row and Liam, Zayn, Chloe and Megan sat on another.



The flight back was pretty boring really. Me and the other girls were all asleep within half an hour in the air and Zayn and Liam were listening to their earphones. Louis was just prodding Harrys face as he was bored while Harry was tweeting. Niall was also asleep and soon everyone had joined him. When we woke up we were just about to land. -ChelseasPOV- It was really good to be back home! It was really cold though but i was excitedto see my dad. My mum wasnt with us anymore, she'd died when i was young but i'd gotten over it soon. When the taxi man pulled up my dad came running out to greet me! I squeezed me hard and laughed to himself, his face going bright red. He pulled me into the house with my suitcase and we spent that week talking about my holiday and visiting friends and family. Niall had been texting me alot too, so i knew what was happening, but the girls and i were sleeping at Paiges since her parents were at a party and they were staying in a hotel for the night. Then the boys were going to pick us up at around 4. It would take a few trips to move all our stuff though...!



The next six months on tour with our girls were going to be extrodinHarry! Ive already dedicatded Moments to Paige, Louis dedicated More than this to Alicia, Niall dedicating Gotta be you to Chelsea and I want to Nandos as nornal. Zayn had dedicated What makes you beautiful to Chloe and Liam had dedicated Stole my heart to Megan! Managment wernt exactly crazy about it but they thought it would premote the six sings knowing that fans would think they were the most important to One Direction, so they let us.



In the end, the boys went on tour with their girls and had a ball. The fans completly loved Paige, Alicia, Chloe, Megan and Chelsea and always tweeted nice things. After 3 years they were all still dating. Liam and Megan were married and expecting a baby girl, Louis and Harry were planning on proposing to Alicia and Paige and Niall was still looking for the PERFECT ring before he proposed. Zayn and Chloe had a little boy and were expecting a little girl, and after another year Zayn had proposed to Chloe. Niall had eventually found the right ring and asked Chelsea to marryhim! Everything was perfect, nothing would change! Thank you so much if you've read all of this, please leave comments and like if you did :D thanks again, mwah:*

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