A Life to Remember

A teenager moves from arizona to London because her father got a job offer to sponser a boy band. She hated the moving and being around 5 British snobs. But then her feelings change when she gets to know them all very well


1. Moving

I hate London, I hate moving, and I mostly hate being around 5 British snobs. My name is Anya and I am moving to London tonight because my father got a stupid job offer to sponser 5 stupid dumb ignorant boys in a band called One Direction. I've never listened to any of there songs. All my friends are obsessed with them. They try getting me to listen to them but I refuse to. " Honey it's time to leave" " okay dad". I run down the stairs to meet my dad, mom, and brother jake. " mom can I go tell Jordan I'm going" " okay honey". Jordan is my boyfriend for 4 years and now I have to tell him I'm leaving great. I ring the door bell and there he is. I have a million thoughts going threw my mind. What is going to say? Is he going to be mad? Just then a my best friend runs down the stairs half naked. " hun who is it". I am full of anger. I hate him, I hate her, I hate everything. I told my mom what happened she said everything was going to be okay. Then we left to London. That sounded a whole lot better then staying her in Arizona.
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