A Breath Away

Brenna and Riley Winters are twins. They do everything together. But when a snow-sledding accident turns into a disaster, Brenna and Riley get visited by a supernatural friend.


2. The Trip

I slid over a patch of ice and slid straight into a tree. My face hit the trunk and I tumbled off. "Brenna!" Riley screamed. Ross and Kendra -my mom- ran out. Riley beat them to me and he looked at my bloody face. "Oh my god! Ross get the kids!" kendra yelled. Soon enough 3 girls in dresses were outside in the cold snow. The snow was pretty much red now. They dialed 911 and they came. Ross rode behind the ambulance with the other. And soon we were at the hospital. I broke my nose and dislocated my jaw. Some teeth fell out and my eye is punctured. I was asleep, but I could still hear everything. I heard Diana say; "I bet she did it purposely so Daddy will help her." then Christa said; "She is just a little attention-whore." Then Sandy giggled. "It's not over yet. Daddy is ours." She giggled. Then they walked out. I woke up and my nose was taped. And some contraption kept my jaw in place. A patch was over my eye and I felt sick. Then Kendra said we could leave. I got out of bed and walked into the hall. I heard a bell ring. The doctor came over and attached a little bell to my jaw brace. "Ring it if you need something at home." he smiled. His smile was perfect. Too perfect. We drove home and I had a visitor waiting for me. Drew. The hottest guy ever. I laid in bed when he came in. "hey Brea." he smiled. "hi." I mumbled. I sat up and smiled. "why are you here?" I asked. "I thought I should see you." he smiled. He handed me a box of candy. "thanks." I said. He sat on my bed an we talked for hours. "kids thought you died!" he laughed. I chuckled an ate some chocolate. We split most of the candy and watched TV. Eventually I fell asleep on his shoulder.

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