A Breath Away

Brenna and Riley Winters are twins. They do everything together. But when a snow-sledding accident turns into a disaster, Brenna and Riley get visited by a supernatural friend.


6. Jealousy

I woke up the next day to find out we had a snow day. 

Well guess what I'm not doing. Sledding.


Riley went out sledding and I put on a cute navy blue v-neck top, and some jeans. I slipped on my boots and threw on my coat and walked over to Drew's house.

"Hey there." He smiled as he walked outside.

"Hey." I smiled. "I get this hideous contraption taken off tomorrow." I smiled.

"I bet your excited." He smiled

"Oh not at all." I said. He gave me a confused look and I smiled.

"Just kidding." I giggled and he chuckled. He grabbed my hand and held his warm hand to mine.

He entwined our fingers and pulled me closer.

"Brea.." He said slowly. "Yeah?" I said and turned my head to face him. Before I could even said something he leaned in.

and kissed me.

We stood there for a while, our lips together.

The snow fell slower and the wind slowed down. 

It felt perfect.

It felt amazing.

But Sandy screwed it up.

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