A Breath Away

Brenna and Riley Winters are twins. They do everything together. But when a snow-sledding accident turns into a disaster, Brenna and Riley get visited by a supernatural friend.


3. Finding Out Why

I was awoken by Riley frantically trying to wake me. "Brea! Brea!" He said. "What?" I said with a tired sigh. "Look at this!" He held me a piece of paper and it said;

Hi Riley. Hi Brea.

I'm Your Guardian Angel.

I watch over you constantly. I know whats

going on with Diana and Christa. They

know they're doing wrong. But inside they

are truly good. I promise. Just say a prayer for

my help.



"Your such a liar!" I said. "No! Seriously!" He said. I could tell on his face that he wasnt lying. But how could a Guardian Angel write a note? It doesnt seem possible. I looked at it and eventually fell back asleep.


I woke up and got out of bed for the first time in about 2 days. My legs were numb. I walked it off. I went to the living room and saw not my parents, but Drew. "Hello?" I said. "Hi. Your parents called me over. They went out of town to get some medical supplies that they dont sell here." he smiled Okay this is weird. i thought. I smiled and we went to my room and watched some TV and ate some waffles. I finished mine and he looked at me. "Brea?'' He said. ''Yeah?'' I said. ''Your really beautiful.'' he said. Did he really just say that?! i thought. He leaned in and kissed me right on my lips! I couldn't believe it! It's really true! Drew just kissed me! I smiled and he winked. We heard some cars ride by but it wasn't my parents. We eventually went into the living room and watched TV. I made some soup and we just relaxed. Just as snow began to fall he leaned in and kissed me one last time before my parents arrived.

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