A Breath Away

Brenna and Riley Winters are twins. They do everything together. But when a snow-sledding accident turns into a disaster, Brenna and Riley get visited by a supernatural friend.


4. A Search

I read that note over and over again. Eventually, I fell asleep. I had the weirdest dream ever.

I had a dream I was in a church. No one was in there. But one side was white and the other was dark. I looked at the light side. It had a door. I looked inside and saw a shining light. Too bright to see who it was. "Brea." The voice whispered. "This is her." I said cautiously. The voice chuckled. "Brea, do you know who this is?" The male voice laughed. "Not really." I said. "I'm God." He said.

"What!?" I yelled. "Shh...Don't scream." He whispered. "Brea. Your guardian angel is named Chrystal. She will watch over you. Whenever you get mad just say a prayer directed to her. She will help you." He said. "Okay." I said. He smiled.

Then I woke up...

'That was really odd...' I thought to myself. I saw my mom smiling at me. "Brea. We got you a gift." She smiled. She held out her hand and held a IPhone 4S box. I looked at it then looked at her. She smiled and I opened it. It was a IPhone 4S. Obviously. I smiled and hugged her, but my jaw contraption restricted me. I saw Diana, Christa, and Sandy all looked at me enviously while I hugged their dad. I gave them a satisfied smile, when suddenly Sandy fell out of know where. "Sandy? What are you doing?" Ross asked. "Brea kicked me!" She hissed. "...Sandy, Brea is all the way over here. How could she possible kick you?" Mom said. "SHUT UP KENDRA!" Sandy screamed. "Maybe it's a tight muscle." Riley said. Ross took Sandy for 'quiet time.' And I headed up to my room to finish my extra homework from over the break.



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