A Breath Away

Brenna and Riley Winters are twins. They do everything together. But when a snow-sledding accident turns into a disaster, Brenna and Riley get visited by a supernatural friend.


1. Twins Forever

Brenna's POV:

I sat on my bed. I read my book The Hunger Games, and listened to music. My brother Riley watched ESPN on our tv. I shared a room with my brother and we both didn't mind. As long as we weren't with our spoiled step-sisters, Diana and Christa. Or their spoiled sisters Sandy. They hated us and they got whatever they want. Ross says that they are just healing from their mothers death. I didn't ask for everything when my dad died! All I asked for was a notebook and colored pencils, and to be left alone! Diana is the worst. She puts the evil in the word devil.

"Brea?" Riley asked. "yeah?" I mumbled. "it's snowing outside! Let's go sled." he said. "but Diana and christa will follow us and blame anything on us." I said, while closing my book. "we'll sneak out the window." he said. I smiled and went into my walk-in closet. I got on my leggings and slipped some jeans over those. I put on my heavy coat and my boots. I grabbed my scarf and hat and put those on. Soon enough we were ready. We tied our emergency rope on a knob on the window and slid down. My gloved protected my hands. We grabbed our sleds and ran. We ran to the hill and slid down. The second time I slid, is probably my last.
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