A girl falls in love with her best friends friend, but her friend is a boy and has a bit of feelings for her so he gets jealous.


1. Jealous?

  Tella is with her  best friend Ed sheeran. The two of them were watching movies all cuddled up. They are very close and he treats her like shes his daughter he is very protective of her. "Tella  I invited some of my friends, is is that ok?" he asked. "yeah" she said. A few minutes later (ding-dong) tella heard the door bell ring. She open the door since Ed was in the bathroom.  To tellas surprise she saw 5 cute guys infront of the door. "hi is Ed here?" the boy with a striped shirt said. "uhm yeah he's just in the bathroom" "oh we'll I'm Louis these are my lads Harry, Zayn,Niall,and Liam. He said as she  let them in. "your Eds girlfriend ,right? "  Zayn said. "uhm.... No I'm his best friend." she said blushing.Tella sat down with the boys and talked for a while. Next to Tella there was a little cheeky lad the one called Harry. He kept flirting with her. Then Ed walks out of the bathroom with gel in his hands trying to fix his hair. "hey! Guys!" Ed says. As he sits next to Tella. He started talking to the other boys but Harry kept flirting. "can I have your number?" Harry asked as he handed her his phone. Tella gladly got his phone and typed in her  number and he did the same to hers. As he kept flirting Ed kept starring at Tella and harry, So Ed put his arm around Tellas waist and kissed her bright red  cheek. "your my best friend..." he whisperd in her ear. "you are too" she said to him and turned her attention back to Harry. Ed started to get mad...
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