One Direction & Katy ----- in london

Katy Thomson,
a rich beautiful american girl go to England for a year alone, taking rest from college [faculty of pharmacy], family, and every thing else. She decided to do training in drug factory "Pfizer" and drug store also in this year. But she never imagined that her life will completely change when she meet "One Direction" in the street accidentally.

P.S. Katy is a fan of "One Direction" they are her favorite band, but she isn't the type of girl that scream when see her favorite actor or singer or any famous person she just keep going in her way "interesting girl, right?! ;)"


19. There is something going between us

Katy P.O.V:

I'm walking downstairs, i;m seeing tom and zayn sitting there and talking, that's weird!! then zayn turned back i think he heard the footsteps of me and john, he stood up and smiled to me like there's nothing happened today earlier, that's weird too but anyway i smiled back

"hey zayn" i said smiling and moving toward him

"hey katy, how are you?!" zayn said smiling, shaking my hand, and still talking like there's nothing happened i thought we're in a fight and he still mad like he said before, but he doesn't seem mad at all, neither i,when i was walking downstairs and i saw him smiling to me, i felt like all the anger inside me is gone just gone,

"i'm fine thanks" i answered

"okay guys, we'll just let you two alone, come on tom let's go" john said

then tom and john walked out the home may be they are going to the garden of the home anyway right now i really don't care about where they are going i should talk with zayn

"here is your phone" i said giving zayn his phone back

"thanks" zayn said

i waited him to give me my phone back but he just walked back to the couch and sat on it, that's weird too, why all thing today is weird anyway i walked to the couch like he did and i sat beside him

"well, where is my phone" i asked wondering

"your phone is safe with me don't worry" zayn said smiling, but it was like malignant smile

is he trying to make me mad or what?!

"but i want my phone" i said

"i'm not going to give it back to you that easy" he said, still has this smile on his face, and he seems really happy to play this game

well, i know now he's trying to get his revenge of me for what happened earlier, that's mean that he still mad but in a different way, i think it's good thing, difference is good, so i tried to not be angry, i can't act rude he is in my home so i decided to act very normal so i stood up and asked him

"do you want orange juice?!" i asked him in a very calm and polite way

"yeah, it'll be great" he said and still smiling this malignant smile

Zayn is acting really weird, like it's not him, by the way he's acting i can tell that he intends something

i walked to the kitchen but i can feel him walking behind me and i felt like there is silence in a strange way so i tried to break it

"sorry zayn but actually orange juice is the only thing i have right now" i said giving him a cup of orange juice

"zayn said taking the cup from me, he puts the cup on the table, and still smiling this smile

god this smile is killing me, the way he act making me really nervous, what the hell i'm saying that's not me

"it's because we just moved in, so i don't really have anything" i said

"yeah, we need to talk about that" he said

"about what?!" i asked pretending like i don't know what he means by those words but actually i do know what he means

"about your moving without telling me" he said

"i thought we talked earlier today" i said

"no we had a fight earlier that wasn't a conversation katy" zayn said and stood up and walked toward where i'm standing

"okay, what you want to know or what you want to hear?!" i asked him while he standing in front of me but not so close

"well, i just want you to tell me why you didn't tell me you're moving" he asked but now the malignant smile is gone and his face became really serious

oh god now i prefer the malignant smile more than the serious face

"i told you before,i knew yesterday after i ..." before i complete talking he cut my words

"katy, i know what you gonna to say now, but i know also there's another answer, a real answer, i want to know that one, the real one" he said as he stepped one more step closer to me just one step

i closed my eyes and took a deep breath then i opened my eyes again and looked to him and all i could say:

"i don't know" i answered then i looked down

he nodded then he starts to step closer until i looked up and he was facing me, standing really close and his face not that serious anymore his face looked really nice looked like zayn the one i knew with this face i didn't mind him to stand this close

"look katy, there something going between us, since we met, i know you know that but you're just trying to ignore it" he said

i heard his words in a shock, now i know i was really trying to ignore my feelings, i didn't believe when tom and john told me or i just didn't want to believe

"what are you saying" i asked while i started as i started to take a few steps back like i i stepped back i wont face the truth

"i'm telling you the truth and i never thought i'll tell you that this fast, but i think i don't want to lose you, i'm afraid of losing yo" zayn said while he's stepping closer to me

i just feel i can't say anything he's right about every word and i just realized it now!!

all i feel i can do that i'm stepping back i don't know why i'm stepping back even if zayn is stepping close to me it's not like he scares me or anything not at all actually he was so quite, so sweet he was really cute these moments

as i'm still stepping back zayn was so brave to still stepping close to me every step closer and closer until i hit my back against the wall and zayn standing very close to me, i feel like there's no any inches between us he's really very close right now, i feel my heart beats faster and faster like i can hear it and i knew can feel this too, but he still standing so close to me smiling to me he looks really nice i like the way he's looking to me, as he's still smiling to me he start to put his hand on my cheek down to my neck and i felt so peaceful and safe with him but i'm so nervous so all i could do is i said "zayn"i said like i'm asking him 'what's happening'but he didn't say anything he did do a thing he leaned his face closer to my face i felt like we're going kiss which i didn't mind (i don't know how i didn't it's no me) so i start to close my eyes as he still leaning closer to me until our lips met he's lips was soft and the kiss was perfect while we're kissing i felt like he's so kind and i don't know i just felt different, happier may be :)

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