One Direction & Katy ----- in london

Katy Thomson,
a rich beautiful american girl go to England for a year alone, taking rest from college [faculty of pharmacy], family, and every thing else. She decided to do training in drug factory "Pfizer" and drug store also in this year. But she never imagined that her life will completely change when she meet "One Direction" in the street accidentally.

P.S. Katy is a fan of "One Direction" they are her favorite band, but she isn't the type of girl that scream when see her favorite actor or singer or any famous person she just keep going in her way "interesting girl, right?! ;)"


13. She talks about it

i'm knocking on tom and john's door now

"katy is here finally tom" john said

"katy!! come here tell us every thing, what happened?!" tom asked

"ok but just let me set on the couch" i said

"ok princess" tom said then we sat in silence for a few minutes

"well, tell us what happened" john started to ask and break the silence

"yeah, tell us" tom said

"well, i took zayn to uncle sean to eat ice cream, zayn asked uncle sean about me, and uncle sean of course started to talk about me, but i left to get rid of the situation" i said

"nice move" tom said

"then, what else?!" john asked

"then, we went to David's shop" i said

"OMG Katy not David's shop it's creepy you must freaked him" john said

"yes i did and it was so fun" i said smiling

"Katy you are really bad" tom said

"he was really scared from the mask and it was really funny i couldn't help" i said

"not the creepy mask  katy" john said

john always scared from this mask

"but after that he tried to take his revenge" i said

"great man" tom said

"what else" john asked

"nothing i got fire works from David then i took zayn to the beach" i said

"Beach!!" they both said

"yeah, i took him to the beach to play with fire works then i looked to him and his face was really light up" i said

"OMG Katy!!" tom said

"what" i said confused

"OMG, you like him you like zayn" john said laughing

"no i don't" i said

"yes you do you do you do" tom said

"i don't, could you please change the topic

"okay honey, guess what?!" tom said

"what?!" i said

"the house finished and if you want to move we can move what ever you want" tom said

"really!! that's great" i said i was really happy

"so, when you want to move" john asked

"tomorrow" i said quickly

"too fast" john said

"yeah super fast, but as you want" tom said

"so we will move tomorrow early" i said

"sure" tom said

"okay guys, good night" i said

then i went to my room

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