One Direction & Katy ----- in london

Katy Thomson,
a rich beautiful american girl go to England for a year alone, taking rest from college [faculty of pharmacy], family, and every thing else. She decided to do training in drug factory "Pfizer" and drug store also in this year. But she never imagined that her life will completely change when she meet "One Direction" in the street accidentally.

P.S. Katy is a fan of "One Direction" they are her favorite band, but she isn't the type of girl that scream when see her favorite actor or singer or any famous person she just keep going in her way "interesting girl, right?! ;)"


10. Old Shop

Now i'm walking with zayn in the dark corner without tell him anything he looks very confused:

"you know if you want kill me you can do it now, we are in a dark place and there is no any people to watch you kill me" zayn said joking

"could you just be a little patient" i said

i was taking him to shop sell old things friend of mine called "David" own it. David also loves fireworks so much like me so when i want fireworks i go to him to get some fireworks

finally we are in the shop i saw david:

"david!!" i yelled

"katy you are here" david said surprising and zayn wondering and he don't know what's happening

"david i want you to meet zayn" i said to david

"hey zayn, how are you" david said

"i'm good thanks" zayn said smiling and hiding his face under the hat to make sure that david will not recognize him

i took david to a corner in the shop away from zayn

"David, i want you to give me alot of fireworks but don't let zayn know okay!!" i said

"okay" david said and left to bring the fireworks for me and i went back to zayn

"who is this?!" zayn asked

"this is david one of my friends" i said

"what we are doing here?!" zayn asked

"zayn!! could you stop asking questions and just relax" i said

"okay i'll try but if anything happened to me i blame you" zayn said smiling

"okay, but don't worry there is nothing gonna to happen" i said

while zayn stands looking at the old things in the shop i came from behind him with a creepy mask on my face (i used to play by it with david) and then i screamed in zayn's ear zayn jumped from his place very scared from the voice and i laughed so much on him

"OMG katy this is not funny" zayn said then he laughed too and then he started to run after me in the store to take his revenge from me until david came back 

"here are your things" david said giving me a black bag

"thanks david i'll see you later sure" i said

"okay, i'll wait you to play with those things" david said smiling

"of course" i said

then we left of the store

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