One Direction & Katy ----- in london

Katy Thomson,
a rich beautiful american girl go to England for a year alone, taking rest from college [faculty of pharmacy], family, and every thing else. She decided to do training in drug factory "Pfizer" and drug store also in this year. But she never imagined that her life will completely change when she meet "One Direction" in the street accidentally.

P.S. Katy is a fan of "One Direction" they are her favorite band, but she isn't the type of girl that scream when see her favorite actor or singer or any famous person she just keep going in her way "interesting girl, right?! ;)"


2. Get ready

I'm out of the bed to open the the door for my friends Tom&John:

"yes Tom, yes John, what is it?!" i said

"are you okay" Tom said

"what do you see Tom, am i okay or not?!" i said with mad voice because i was so tired from travelling and they just came and woke me up

"we just get worry when yo disappeared for along time" John said

"well John i didn't disappear i'm in my room resting, what ever you both checked me out right!!, so go out now" i said

"wait!!" Tom said

"what else Tom?!" i said

"do you hungry?" Tom asked

"me and Tom going to McDonald to have lunch, do you want come with us?!" John asked

McDonald!! WOW its my favorite take away food

"sure, wait me here untill i finish dressing up, i won't be late" i said

"every time you be too late Katy, but we still love having lunch with you babe, because we love you" John said with his crazy way

"thanks John i love you both too" i said

i opened my closet and picked up a yellow top and black leg-gens and yellow high heel shoe i but a little make up and tight my maroon hair  

"shall we go?!" i said

"finally" john and tom said in the same time because i made wait alot i smiled and they did too

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