One Direction & Katy ----- in london

Katy Thomson,
a rich beautiful american girl go to England for a year alone, taking rest from college [faculty of pharmacy], family, and every thing else. She decided to do training in drug factory "Pfizer" and drug store also in this year. But she never imagined that her life will completely change when she meet "One Direction" in the street accidentally.

P.S. Katy is a fan of "One Direction" they are her favorite band, but she isn't the type of girl that scream when see her favorite actor or singer or any famous person she just keep going in her way "interesting girl, right?! ;)"


15. First Fight

*Katy P.O.V:

I woke up early next day, finished packing my bags then Tom and John came to my room and we all ready to go. I'm in the reception now waiting Tom and John to bring the car, then suddenly someone put his hand on my shoulder,

I turned to see who and it was Zayn:

"good morning" Zayn said smiling

"good morning" i said smiling too

"so, where are you going today so early?!" Zayn asked wondering

"well, i'll move today the house is finished and we are moving now" i replied

"what!! are you moving now?!" zayn asked but he seems mad i don't know why!!

"yes, we are moving now" i said

"and when will are you going to tell me this?!" zayn said

great, now i know why he is so mad

"well, i just knew yesterday after i came back" i said

"so, you were just leaving without telling me" zayn said

"zayn, why are you so mad?! it's not a big deal" i said

"no katy it is a big deal, i thought we are friends now, but it seems you don't care" zayn said

"really!! that's what are you thinking of me, that i don't care?!" i said but i was so mad of him to say that

"yeah, i think you really don't care, because if you care you wont leave without telling me"

"well, now you know i'm leaving and thanks for thinking of me like this" i said, then i took my phone that was on the table then i walked away without even say GOODBYE and he didn't say anything too


Now i'm in the car with Tom and John:

"what's wrong katy?!" john asked

"nothing" i said

"no katy, you were so excited about moving but now! now you look so sad and mad in the same time" Tom said

"i'm not sad or mad, okay!!" i yelled

"is it about zayn, did you even tell him that you are leaving?!" john asked

"please guys i don't wanna talk about him anymore" i said with a sad voice

then we all sat in a silence until we are in the house

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