One Direction & Katy ----- in london

Katy Thomson,
a rich beautiful american girl go to England for a year alone, taking rest from college [faculty of pharmacy], family, and every thing else. She decided to do training in drug factory "Pfizer" and drug store also in this year. But she never imagined that her life will completely change when she meet "One Direction" in the street accidentally.

P.S. Katy is a fan of "One Direction" they are her favorite band, but she isn't the type of girl that scream when see her favorite actor or singer or any famous person she just keep going in her way "interesting girl, right?! ;)"


7. Accidentally for 3rd time ;))

When we went back to the hotel zayn was still there and his band i said OMG trying to hide behind tom's big body but zayn was already seeing me so he came

"hey, you have to wait this time" zayn said to stop me

"okay" i said and told john &tom to go and it's okay they don't have to worry

"finally!! you will talk with me" zayn said with relieving voice and smiling face

"so, why you wear this sexy formal dress" he asked me again like early today

God please. i don't like to tell people about  my personal life but i don't know why it's okay to tell zayn

"i was in interview" i answered

"really, what for?!" he asked interested to know

"for training in Pfizer factory" i said

"so you are a pharmacist?!" he asked

i laughed "i still in the college zayn, but yes my faculty is pharmacy" i said

"can i ask you what you did in this interview?!" he questioned not sure, he must felt like i don't talk so much about myself people

"it was good, i got the training" i said smiling

"really, thats great, congratulation" he said very happy, i don't know why even he is so happy like this he don't even know me

"thanks" i said smiling

"so you are staying here?!" he asked

"yes, i am" i said

"really, i'm staying here too that's great" he said

i smiled then i said "umm, zayn i'm really tired and i need to go for rest, can i ?! " i asked him like a very polite little child girl i don't know why i did that i should tell him not ask him ohhh i'm stupid

"yeah sure" he said

"okay, good bye" i said

"so, you aren't gonna tell me your name" he said

"its Katy" i said smiling

"i want to see you again" he said

"may be we will meet again, i don't know" i said then i leaved

*zayn POV:

I watched her leave then i came back to the boys still can't believe that i talked with her and i knew her name

"liam!! liam!!" i said

"what zayn" liam said

"do you remember the girl ......" i said but liam continued "that girl you said she is gonna to kill you, yeah i remember what about her?!" liam said

"i met her today morning and i met her again now" i said

"really!! what happend?!" liam asked wants to know what happened because he know i keep thinking about her liam can understand me pretty much

"i stopped her, talked with her, and guess what?! shbtold me her name" i said

"really!! what's her name?!" liam asked very happy for me

"it's katy" i said "and guess what else!! she staying here in the same hotel" i said i was talking like i'm jumping from happiness

"ok!! zayn calm down and take your breath" liam said laughing about how i look

*Katy POV"

I went back to my room thinking about him, am i really gonna see him again?!, why he stops me every time he see me?!, and why am i avoiding him?! he didn't done anything wrong to me i just keeping push him away from me but i don't why?! i asked myself again why he is really happy for me and he don't even know me?! but i guess it's good thing.

i wanted to clear my head so i went to bathroom to take my great shower and relax for some time to could clear my head

*zayn POV:

Just went back to my room after long day in the studio with guys i took a shower in 5 minutes and then started to think about her to think about katy i still can't believe i already know her name even her name is beautiful i like this name she she talked with me today and she is staying in the same hotel. i should spend most of my time  in the reception to see here again. i can't believe sh is really so cute. i never met anyone like her before. i was stupid when i said it's bad luck to stay in a hotel even when we are in our country i was wrong it's good luck it's absolutely the best luck ever :D

Now i should go to stay with boys before Louis come and hit me again he is crazy and he will never stop :D

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