Goldiforne And The Three Aliens Featuring Spaceship Wondler 9.361

This story is similar to Goldilocks And The Three Bears but I have put my own thoughts into the story. Quite amusing to read. I made this in my first year at high school as we were studying fairy tales in my English Lessons and had to develop a fairy tale that was already made into our own. Just happened to find it out from under the bed.


5. Happenings In The House!

She smelt something that smelt even nicer than her mother's home-made bread. It looked mushy but smelt sensational. She walked over to the first dish it was extremely large "Ouch" she exclaimed as she burnt her mouth. She moved onto the next chair and saw the medium sized bowl and had a taste but it was still horrible, lumpy and a little too hot. She moved onto the small bowl and had a taste "hmmmm, delicious" she quoted. Within five minutes she had gobbled it up and moved on into the living room.

She saw three chairs that looked like foam and walked to the largest chair, she sat in it and sank to the ground "Too squashy" she moaned. She moved onto the medium chair that felt extremely hard on her bottom "Ouch" she exclaimed. She then moved onto the small chair and said "Just right, not too squashy and not too hard" but suddenly the chair shattered into a million pieces because she was too heavy. She wondered whether it was time to leave but wanted one last wander upstairs, so up she went.

She trampled up the stairs and saw three neatly laid beds, they looked like they were the cosiest beds ever even though they were up against the wall and didn't seem quite normal. She cuddled up into the large bed but she slid right down and was stuck under the duvet but managed to wiggle her way out. "Awful bed" she grumbled and walked to the second bed which was a medium sized bed but there was too many lumps in the mattress "Oh" she exclaimed. Then she walked to the small bed and nearly fell fast asleep until something caught her eye.

She had found some books "Just what I need" she said. She ran over to the books and picked up quite a large, thick one "This is too scary for me and it has too many words." She propped the book back in place and picked up the second one "Don't want that" she exclaimed and dropped the book on the floor with disgust on her face. She crossed her fingers as she reached for the last one hoping that it was good "Cinderella, my favourite" she happily said. She read half of the book but then fell to sleep in the cosy little bed.  

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