Goldiforne And The Three Aliens Featuring Spaceship Wondler 9.361

This story is similar to Goldilocks And The Three Bears but I have put my own thoughts into the story. Quite amusing to read. I made this in my first year at high school as we were studying fairy tales in my English Lessons and had to develop a fairy tale that was already made into our own. Just happened to find it out from under the bed.


3. An Adventure.

As soon as she was inside the door autimatically shut. Goldiforne tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge, she was scared and didn't know what to do. She saw a huge green button next to the door so she assumed that it would open and let her out but...... Suddenly the spacecraft shot up into the air as quick as a firework but it didn't stop, it kept going up and up, further and further into the sky until out of the small window she could no longer see Earth. She gasped in horror and sat on the little seat and cried. She cried herself to sleep thinking that it is more devastating than the worst night-mare she had ever had.

When she had awoken, she realized the spacecraft was no longer travelling. She stood up and nearly jumped out of her skin when a loud voice in the spacecraft bellowed "Thank you for your journey, you have reached your destination." As soon as it spoke the door opened. She crossed her fingers that she would be safely back home. She stepped onto something that felt horrible and foamy beneath her feet, for a split she thought that she had stepped in dog muck and moaned aloud. She was astonished to hear her echo and quickly stepped back but then she decided that she might as well have a little adventure, after all she had travelled all that way.

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