Goldiforne And The Three Aliens Featuring Spaceship Wondler 9.361

This story is similar to Goldilocks And The Three Bears but I have put my own thoughts into the story. Quite amusing to read. I made this in my first year at high school as we were studying fairy tales in my English Lessons and had to develop a fairy tale that was already made into our own. Just happened to find it out from under the bed.


6. All Fairy-Tales Have A Happy Ending.

She was awoken by the door opening and a little baby crying "I won't my Bok- Bok" screamed the baby and at the same time they all said "Someone's been eating my dinner." Then the little baby answered "Someone has eaten all my dinner up." Then they all trampled into the living room to have a sit down and think it over. "Someone has been in our chair's" the man exclaimed then the baby alien cryed "They broke my chair." The family started stamping thier feet as they walked up the stairs.

"Someone's been in my bed and reading my book" the mother and father repeated at the same time. "Someone's in my bed" baby bear screeched with a astonished look on his face. Goldiforne woke up and screamed as she saw the alien's staring at her but then she realized that the alien's were nice and started chatting to them. She said "Sorry." "It's okay" the family replied. The family took her back to the woods in thier spaceship and agreed to pick her up in the morning so they can go on an adventure together but she promised the alien's not to tell anyone. Spaceship Wondler 9.361 was missing forever. Goldiforne found her sister and they walked home together so nobody knew wht happened in that terrific day.

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