Goldiforne And The Three Aliens Featuring Spaceship Wondler 9.361

This story is similar to Goldilocks And The Three Bears but I have put my own thoughts into the story. Quite amusing to read. I made this in my first year at high school as we were studying fairy tales in my English Lessons and had to develop a fairy tale that was already made into our own. Just happened to find it out from under the bed.


4. Aliens house...

She swiftly walked along the hard, squashy, foamy stuff but then she suddenly fell with a hard thump but when she looked up she was in a town. This was not a normal town though it was really wierd and strange, the houses looked like giant mushrooms and they had some vehicles that looked like a giant banana on wheels! But what was even stranger was the people, they looked like giant green beans. Luckily nobody had yet spotted Goldiforne so she quietly hid behind a house and looked through a kitchen window and luckily nobody was in and the back door was unlocked, she turned the door handle slowly so that it wouldn't creak.


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