Goldiforne And The Three Aliens Featuring Spaceship Wondler 9.361

This story is similar to Goldilocks And The Three Bears but I have put my own thoughts into the story. Quite amusing to read. I made this in my first year at high school as we were studying fairy tales in my English Lessons and had to develop a fairy tale that was already made into our own. Just happened to find it out from under the bed.


1. Bread!

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Goldiforne who had very long brown hair. One morning Goldiforne woke up to the delicious smell of her mother's mouth watering home-made bread. She got out of bed and creeped downstairs, went into the kitchen and sat down infront of the oven to watch the golden crispy bread rise. Suddenly the timer went off and her mother came rushing in grabbing her cooking glove and pulling down the oven lid and reaching for the bread."Morning sweetheart, Would you like to take your sister some bread? She is in the woods, I think. Goldiforne replied "Yes, I will go and find her."

She grabbed her shoes, coat and a few slices of bread. Then she ran out of the house and gobbled a slice of bread quickly, It was the best bread that she had ever tasted in her life. When she reached the woods she started walking swiftly because she is sometimes a little afraid of the woods, her father says that she should never ever go there because it is a very dangerous place and she is only seven years old. Her mother ignores him and always sends her but luckily she always arrives home safe and sound.

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