You Don't Know Me

Keila is a selfish trouble maker of a brat. Is what everyone is thinking but she doesn't care because she thinks that's who she is. She never used to be like that but she is a mystery to everyone. Until One Directions Louis Tomlinson claims he is her step-brother. His mission is to keep Keila out of trouble but he will learn a whole lot more about her then he would of thought. But who else takes a liking to Keila?????


1. your kidding me

"Keila, Keila please come to the headmasters office now," said a stern voice in the overhead speakers. I laughed with my friends Sandy and Anna, it was probably about the resent prank we pulled. We were, how would say it. The trouble makers of the school. Just then a couple of gossip girls were just walking by when we overheard their conversation.
"OMG,did you see. One direction's Louis Tomlinson is here in our school. Ahhhhh," she squealed. I turned to my friends with my eye brows raised but they had heard nothing of it. So I said bye to my friends and casually but slowly made my way to the headmasters office. The head master was a short, stocky man and extremely jolly which occasionally got on my nerves. As I walked in I saw the headmaster in the corner talking to someone in the shadows. So I walked in and sat on the puffy chair with my legs draped over the arm. The headmaster turned to me finally acknowledging that I was here.
"Sir, I swear I didn't do it," I said with my hands raised in the air. The headmaster raised his eyebrows and said "I haven't told you what you've done yet." He moved away from the shadows so I could see who he was talking to. It was none other than Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. What is going on? Why is he at our school? We sat there for a few minutes just looking at each other. The the headmaster said "I'll leave you two alone for a bit." What the hell was he talking about. He left so Louis walked over to the headmaster's chair and sat down "I know that is going to be hard to understand but there is something important I need to tell you." I raised my eye brows and said "how do you know me?" He completely ignored my question and said the thing I most dreaded.
"I'm your step-brother."
At this I found my self standing up and pacing about while saying "how could this happen?" Louis came over and gently sat me back down while saying "there's more. Ummmmmm, our dad said that it would be good if you stayed with me and the boys, he thinks it might keep you out of trouble for a bit." I looked at him in shock and horror, if my dad thought I was going to spend the rest of my years until I'm 18 with them then he's kidding himself.
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