You Don't Know Me

Keila is a selfish trouble maker of a brat. Is what everyone is thinking but she doesn't care because she thinks that's who she is. She never used to be like that but she is a mystery to everyone. Until One Directions Louis Tomlinson claims he is her step-brother. His mission is to keep Keila out of trouble but he will learn a whole lot more about her then he would of thought. But who else takes a liking to Keila?????


2. Welcome to my life

And that was how I ended up with Louis Tomlinson in my white tt singing along to 'What makes you beautiful'. We finally got to my house with the black gates at the front.
"Wow, is this your house?"
"Yep, home sweet home."
I parked my car in the drive way and unlocked the house door. As soon as i walked in a let out a relaxing sigh made myself comfortable.
"hey, can I invite the boys over?"
"Yeah, make yourself comfortable," I said while walking up the stairs and into my room. My plan was to sulk until people gave me what i wanted. Call me a spoilt brat but that's how we do things in this household. I walked into my room and slammed the door behind me. I put my headphones on and put my music to full blast while lying on my bed thinking of what to do.
Half and hour later I heard more voices talking. To be precise, five voices.
"Where is she now," said a husky, deep voice.
"She is in her bedroom," Louis replied. I finally admitted that sulking would not help in this situation but maybe a call to mum and dad might. I changed from my black skinny jeans and purple blouse to my tracksuit and baggy jumper which is three sizes too big for me. I ran jumped down the steps and into the dinning room where everyone was sitting. Immediately everyones eyes turned to me, which I was okay with because I was never the shy type. Everyone mumbled there hellos to each other but it was Louis of coarse to introduce everyone.
"Keila this is Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn. Guys this is Keila."
After saying hello properly now I decided to make dinner.
"You cook?" said Louis. Why was he so surprised.
"Yeah but our maid usually cooks for us but she left a week ago." all the boys had a shocked look on their faces but they quickly demised it. All I had to do was wait for the food to cook so I didn't have much to do. I decided to call my mum and ask if she could do anything about this.
"Hey mum."
"hey baby make this quick I have work." so I quickly told her what was happening and all she said was I can't do anything. Your under 18 you can't take care of yourself. Even though I've been doing it literally all my bloody life but nooooooooo everyone over looks that but she did say she would have dinner with us tomorrow. Which is good because mum usually never comes home. I took a deep breath to calm myself then walked over to the kithcen to find Harry putting the spaghetti in plates and putting them on the table.
"Good news my mums going to have dinner with us tomorrow. Its going to be formal so no wearing tracksuit," I said excited. After we finished dinner the boys suggested that we should start packing..
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