You Don't Know Me

Keila is a selfish trouble maker of a brat. Is what everyone is thinking but she doesn't care because she thinks that's who she is. She never used to be like that but she is a mystery to everyone. Until One Directions Louis Tomlinson claims he is her step-brother. His mission is to keep Keila out of trouble but he will learn a whole lot more about her then he would of thought. But who else takes a liking to Keila?????


4. 'strongest girl I've met'

All the boys were looking at me expectantly. I looked between them then darted up the steps and into the boys ran up the steps and waited outside my room trying to persuade me to sing.
"Please Keila, you have an amazing voice," Louis whined from the other side of the door. I got my song book out and stated to sing a song about mistakes that I wrote. It was a sad song and it ended up with my crying as it usually does. The boys slowly opened the door to find me slumped on the other side of it crying my eyes out. This was a very awkward moment because the boys have never seen me cry or many of my friends. It's not like I can't cry because I cry every night it's just I don't like people trying to comfort me and saying it's okay because it never is. If it was okay I wouldn't be here crying my eyes out, would I.
"Keila you are the strongest girl I have ever met and you have the most amazig voice ever. You are truly talented." I looked up at him my eyes wide. No one has ever said something as nice as that to me. I jumped up and gave him a massive hug. He was a bit taken a back by this action but he hugged me back. When we were finished hugging he carried me down the stairs and to the kitchen. When the pie was on the oven I went up stairs to change and so did the boys. I came down stairs took the pie out and checked the time. I frowned.
"What's wrong?" zayn asked from behind me.
"My mums 15 minutes late. Let me phone her," I said grabbing the phone. By now the smell had drifted around the house so the boys were now standing there drooling over the pie. So I shooed them away. I dialed my mums phone and she picked up after the fifth ring.
"Mum where are you. Your meant to come for dinner." I heard her swear then rustling.
"You forgot didn't you. Don't you realise I'm leaving with a step-brother I've hardly known for a week and you just forget to come home for dinner," I say my voice raising higher and higher. At this all the boys are in the room looking at me now.
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