You Don't Know Me

Keila is a selfish trouble maker of a brat. Is what everyone is thinking but she doesn't care because she thinks that's who she is. She never used to be like that but she is a mystery to everyone. Until One Directions Louis Tomlinson claims he is her step-brother. His mission is to keep Keila out of trouble but he will learn a whole lot more about her then he would of thought. But who else takes a liking to Keila?????


3. Sing for us

I said we should stay here for three days so I can pack.
"I'm tired. Let's stop," I said. We had been packing for 2 hours. I quickly showed all the boys to their own rooms excited to go to bed. I jumped in and slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke up and streched. That was a nice deep sleep. I looked at the clock. Oh no. I jumped out of bed and ran to each of the boys rooms.
"Boy,boys wake up. We over slept, it's 4:00." I ran down the stairs making breakfast. Thank god it's Saturday. One by one the boys started coming down the stairs and we had breakfast or lunch. I was the first one to break the silence. "So I'm going to go for my morning jog and then I'm going to come back and start on dinner. You guys can do what you want but make sure your ready when my mum comes." I say while clearing up the remains from breakfast. I quickly ran up stairs changed into shorts and a tank top. I ran out the house and plugged my headphones in. I started singing out loud while people stopped and looked at me weirdly. Call me crazy but singing is my life. I love it but I can't tell anyone. I have I reputation to keep up I thought frowning to my self. No one would take me seriously. I didn't realise it started to rain so I ran back home. I totally forgot about the boys so I ran into my house singing at the top of my lungs. I turned around to find all five boys staring at me like I was crazy. I put a hand over my mouth and mumbled "oh god, I forgot you guys were here," I said blushing. Wait a second I never blush, what was happening to me? The boys smirked but it was Louis who said "that was amazing. Do you usually sing? Can we hear more?"
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