You Don't Know Me

Keila is a selfish trouble maker of a brat. Is what everyone is thinking but she doesn't care because she thinks that's who she is. She never used to be like that but she is a mystery to everyone. Until One Directions Louis Tomlinson claims he is her step-brother. His mission is to keep Keila out of trouble but he will learn a whole lot more about her then he would of thought. But who else takes a liking to Keila?????


8. i hope your happy


2 years later


“Everyone put your hands together for the beautiful and talented Kiela Tomlinson.” Everyone cheered as i came and sat down on the seat in my beautiful red dress.

“So we understand that your new album, Mistakes is out right now,” said the interviewer.

“Yes it is out right now so get it now,” i replied happily.

“We also understand that your brothers band, One direction are pretty big now. Do you see them often,” great i don’t like where this is going. At the mention of my step-brothers band my heart immediately perked up only to get shut down again by me.

“We are both really busy but when we get the time its really nice to see them again,” i said very carefully, thats what i’ve learnt in this industry you have to be very careful with what you say. They always end up twisting your words if you aren’t careful.

“Well then you will be delighted to hear that One direction are in the building,” at this everyone cheered, everyone except me. Nobody noticed because at that moment Liam,Niall,Harry,Louis and Zayn walked on stage to and over to the couch giving the audience a short wave and my interviewer a hand shake. Louis sat to one side of me and Zayn next to him, good old Louis not letting Zayn come near me.

The interviewer asked them a couple of question when all of a sudden he asks Zayn how it feels to be with me again. The interviewer laughed at all of our confused expressions and puts up a picture of Zayn and me on our first date holding hands on the big screen. The crowd went wild, some cheering and whistling and others swearing. 

“Ummmmm, yeah that was years ago, we’re just friends now,”  he replied in that voice that i know oh so well.

“Friends you say, thats why both of you look like your going to burst out crying or killing each other, huh.”

“I vote for killing each other,” i say trying to lighten the mood. “But seriously we’re over it just didn’t work out but we’re all good now,” i say while glancing towards Zayn, i hope he’s happy now.

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