The 66th Hunger Games

66 years ago, the 13 districts of Panem rebelled against the oppressive Capitol, and failed. In order to keep the remaining 12 districts in check, the Capitol devised a new way to control them. Each year, one male and one female between the ages of 12 and 18 shall be offered up to compete in a sporting event known as the Hunger games, where they shall fight to the death until one remains, a victor that' be revered as a celebrity in the Capitol and live a life of luxury.

66 years later, the tradition still goes strong. See through the eyes of 15 year old District 3 tribute Elektra Sparke as she enters this deadly game. However, the one person she never thought would be her fellow competitor is, and she takes it upon herself to protect him. However, in a deadly arena where your death is in every direction, nobody can be trusted.


17. Survival of the Fittest

In the split second everything freezes, I bolt out of our hideaway. As harsh as it sounds, I have to get out of here, even if it means leaving my allies for dead. I continue running through the tunnels, until I'm thrown into the wall with extreme force.

The beast. It didn't stay with District 12, it followed me. I look up at it as saliva drops from its mouth. It lifts me with its massive hand, and opens its mouth. It's going to kill me like it killed Kai, and possibly Luke. As it pulls me into the gaping hole, I do the one thing I can. I grab my knife, and scrape it across its tongue. It howls in pain, and drops me. I spend no time running again.

I can still hear it bounding after me. I can't outrun it forever. As I begin to completely tire out, I spot a figure. As it comes into view, I see who it is. Olyver. The only remaining member of our alliance. He's obviously encountered this thing again; his clothes are torn, his face covered in gashes, and he's limping slightly. His face lights up when he notices me.
"Elektra! You're still alive! I managed to find the golden ladder. And now there's a feast going on. We may have a chance to-"

He's cut off by the cries of Kathrynn and Martyn, followed by the beast. Collectively, we run down the tunnel, not wanting to die. It swipes, tearing mine and Martyn's bags clean off, dropping them into the sewage. It strikes again, grabbing Olyver.

He puts up a fight, kicking and squirming, trying to break free. But it doesn't work. It begins to shove him into its mouth. He punches the inside of its mouth, and the beast stumbles into the wall. The entire section of the sewers begins to crack. Kathrynn grabs me, and pulls me out of the way as the whole cracked ceiling comes down. The cannon is instantaneous.

I let out a choked sob, and walk after the pair from 12 as they leave. He managed to kill the beast, but at the cost of his own life.

We walk in silence for a while, until Martyn stops. The golden ladder. We can get out. For the first time since entering the arena, I smile. We walk over, but Kathrynn doesn't move.

"What are you doing?! You know the feast is a second bloodbath. You're stupid for even thinking about it," Martyn seems clearly hurt by her words,
"Come on, you say this like we have no chance of survival. We've lasted this long already, and we've survived one bloodbath already," he replies, pain in his voice.
"I know why you're risking this. Sparky over here," she points an accusing finger at me, "If she weren't here, we'd still be sitting cosy in our hideout. Well, if you're willing to go with her to death, consider this alliance over!" she storms down the tunnel, out of sight.

We climb up, and open the hatch. Never have I been so happy to breathe fresh air. Even the wind is welcomed. I step on the grass, and look up. The sky. I've forgotten how beautiful the sky is. It's still dark, and the sun is beginning to rise. How long has it been since I've seen the sun rise? And today, I'll be getting the one thing that'll secure my chances of winning, whatever it is.

I look at Martyn. He's deflated, destroyed that the person closest to him just abandoned him. I sit next to him.
"She's wrong, a coward," he says, tears beginning to flow, "She knew we could survive. We're fast, and quiet. We could be out of there with what we need before anyone even knew we were there. But she left me. She didn't want to risk it. But now she's gone, so I shouldn't think of her," he stands up, wiping the tears from his face.

"Let's get to the building first, so we can get the supplies and leave before we're attacked," he walks towards the road, heading for the golden shine a little while away. I follow, it would be best if we got there before anyone else. I see a few more Career traps, two spear traps, and quickly disarm them.

It's early morning now, and I'm beginning to get hungry. I reach for my bag and-

Right. I lost my bag in the sewers, as did Martyn. The only things we have are our weapons, knives. Hopefully my item at the building will be a buffet, I think hopefully. Martyn also seems hungry. This'd better be over quick, or the fatigue might kill us first.

It's noon when the silver parachute flies down. I open it, and it contains two loaves of bread, and two full water bottles. It seems the odds may actually be in my favour today.

We each eat a loaf and drink one bottle. We have to consume it all in one go, since we can't carry them around. This fills me more than it should. My stomach's obviously shrunken.

After finishing our 'meal' I move the parachute into a nearby bush. We then continue through the streets, checking for traps and other tributes.

By the time we reach the golden building, it's sundown, the sun's rays reflecting off the magnificent building. It looks as if the justice building was taken to the Capitol, treated by a stylist, and dumped in the arena. I look closer, and see the whole thing's riddled with cracks. So the supplies are in there...

Suddenly, the girl from 11 darts out, running for the entrance to the building. The boy from 1 follows, and he throws his sword. It strikes her on the head, and the cannon fires before she hits the floor. Then all hell breaks out.

The boy from 1 runs towards us, and I throw my knife. It pierces his heart, and he falls to the ground, the cannon sounding out. I run to his corpse and retrieve my weapon, barely avoiding the trident. The girl from 4 runs towards me, her eyes crazed. Martyn runs out, and tackles her to the floor. She spits at his face, and he plunges his dagger into her throat. Another cannon. The rest of the Careers have made it to the entrance. We run after them. It's another bloodbath; Kathrynn was right.

Just as we make it to the far end of the plaza, I feel a sharp pain in my head, and everything goes fuzzy. I fall to the floor, and see Martyn standing over me. I feel the trickle of blood.
"Sorry Elektra, but it's survival of the fittest. I'm surprised you didn't see through our act at the exit of the sewer," he runs towards the building as the blood flows down my face. Then, everything goes black.

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