The 66th Hunger Games

66 years ago, the 13 districts of Panem rebelled against the oppressive Capitol, and failed. In order to keep the remaining 12 districts in check, the Capitol devised a new way to control them. Each year, one male and one female between the ages of 12 and 18 shall be offered up to compete in a sporting event known as the Hunger games, where they shall fight to the death until one remains, a victor that' be revered as a celebrity in the Capitol and live a life of luxury.

66 years later, the tradition still goes strong. See through the eyes of 15 year old District 3 tribute Elektra Sparke as she enters this deadly game. However, the one person she never thought would be her fellow competitor is, and she takes it upon herself to protect him. However, in a deadly arena where your death is in every direction, nobody can be trusted.


4. First Glimpse at the Enemy

I sit opposite Wiress, before Rory bounces in followed by two people pulling a cart. My jaw practically drops when I see it is filled with food. Even Samuel looks up, taking a moment to see the food, before sinking his head into his hands again. The food is dished out, and we begin eating, silently.

I eventually break the silence, "So, do you have any strategies for us?"
"If you mean for the arena, then you'll have to wait until we reach The Capitol. What we should be focusing on is getting your image just right, since that will be your main way of getting sponsors. Training is all well and good, but unless you're a powerhouse, strength won't get you very far." Beetee says, with an air of experience. Then again, he managed to come out alive, so why shouldn't I listen to him?

Wiress speaks up, " But telling us your strengths wouldn't be bad. It could help us, um..." she trails off, her eyes trained somewhere else.
" Yes, if we knew your strengths, we could quickly devise a training regimen for the two of you. So, what are your strengths?" Beetee finishes off Wiress' sentence.

Oh great. My strengths. Since I got out of the Community Home, I haven't done much of anything, except basic exercise at school. Wait, the Community Home! The amount of time spent sneaking and hiding there for nearly four years had to have taken a lot of skill. Hunger Games level skill.
"Well, I'm actually fairly decent at quickly hiding away, and sneaking around unnoticed, and have the skill to completely shut off an entire building's power supply in a matter of minutes." I say enthusiastically. Both Beetee and Wiress seem impressed, before looking at Samuel, who has come round enough to eat his food, with a look of disappointment. He hasn't told them anything they could work on. What if they ignore him entirely, leave him to die in the arena, whilst only focusing on my meagre talents? A powerful apprehension fills my body. I can't let them leave him.

"Samuel also can hide and move about virtually undetected!" I blurt out. Beetee and Wiress then begin whispering between themselves, and turn to face us, obviously with at least the approach decided. Just before they speak, Rory stands, looks at his watch, and quickly puts our food away. I am about to ask what's going on when he speaks out.
"It's seven. You know what that means? It's time to watch the recap of the Reapings!" he trills, before bounding into the next cart.

We follow him into the room, which consists of a large luxury sofa, a drinks bar, and a massive television. I sit on the sofa, when Beetee hands me a clipboard and pen. Before I can ask why, he quickly tells me it's for taking any notes of the Tributes, including whether or not they seem like they will be ally-worthy. I had completely forgotten about alliances, except for the Career pack of Tributes from 1, 2 and 4. My plan was to stay with Samuel until we both die, but now, I can try to team up with another District. Rory switches on the massive screen, and I sit, prepared to take notes.

First up is District 1's reaping. A large girl with auburn hair makes her way to the stage, whom we quickly learn is called Ruby. The male's name is called, and a small child, obviously only twelve, makes his way to the stage, slowly. He barely reaches the first step when a barrage of male voices all yell out that they'll volunteer. The boy quickly slinks off into the crowd, and after ten minutes, Sheen, a massive boy with spiked brown hair, storms on to the stage, and shakes hands with Ruby. They'll definitely be joining the careers, so I count them out for being an ally.

The screen fades to District two, and the escort, a woman dressed like a rainbow, calls the girl's name, Sara. A fairly small girl with short blonde hair makes her way on to the stage, and snarls at the escort. Then again, I would be disgusted if I was reaped by a technicolour freakshow as well. She then trills out the male's name, Garry, and a big, stocky boy with very short dark hair waltzes on-stage, and flashes a smile at the nearest camera. Oh how the Capitol will be lapping that up. I cross them off the list of potential allies as well.

The scene changes to our Reaping, Rory bouncing about, Rose's slip flying out of his hands, me walking on to the stage, Samuel being dragged on the stage, breaking down, us shaking hands and walking off stage.

The next scene is an aerial shot of District 4, showing the Justice building right next to a beach, before zooming in on the Reaping. The escort calls the girl's name, and a girl with long, brown hair practically skips on-stage, in the same manner Rory does, and begins to giggle. Is she not aware that in less than two weeks, she'll be fighting for her life, or have already been killed? Then, I see it. A cold, calculating look that says 'I've already worked out 23 ways to kill somebody.'. The boy comes forth, a stocky boy with slightly curly bronze hair, by the name of Liam. They shake hands, and Tara, the girl, shoots him that same look, and he flinches slightly. The girl is a definite no-no for forming an alliance with, and the boy looks like it won't take long for him to become a Career. So far, nothing.

The scene cuts to 5, where they call out the name of the girl, Swift, and she walks up to the stage, brushing her red hair behind her ears. It's obvious she's holding back tears, and she looks down whilst the boy slowly makes his way on to the stage. He nervously plays with his brown hair, and looks at Swift, with a look that can only be a desperate plea for the two of them to not kill one another. Despite her reaction to the Reaping, Swift seems to carry an intelligent demeanour about her, which will prove to be deadly. She'll probably ending up being the type to work alone, and only making an alliance to back-stab them, and take their items. The boy seems like an easy target, and would only end up as a liability rather than a useful ally. Still nothing. Hopefully the next District will have potential ally material.

And my hopes are dashed almost immediately. When the girl's name is called, nothing happens. The escort calls her name, Hollie, over and over, before the Peacekeepers practically carry her on to the stage. She's extremely thin, with slightly yellow skin, and thin sandy hair. She is obviously lost in the realm of Morphling, with little chance of escape. Hopefully her death is quick and painless. They call out the boy's name, and my dead hopes rise as I see him walk up to accept his fate. Olyver, with his sandy blonde hair and sky blue, trustworthy eyes, fills me with hope that I'll be able to befriend him. He seems smart as well. Before the screen fades to 7's Reaping, it cuts to the announcers, commenting on how some of the boys so far might be "The next Finnick Odair". I can see where they're coming from, an exceptionally good-looking Tribute from an ordinarily bland district would be lapped up by the Capitol. However, I can't imagine any of them being the sort to have a long string of bed-time partners, unless they were forced against their will.

We are then shown 7's Reaping. The Tributes, Mysty and George, may be useful, but will be lucky to survive the slaughter-fest at the Cornucopia, judging from their appearances. I cross them out as not seeming to have a survival instinct.

8's Reaping is shown, and the Escort calls the girl's name. Lynn, a girl with thick brown hair, fumbles on-stage, obviously shocked. Then Kai, with his light hair spiked in a way only really seen in The Capitol, comes on, looking almost indifferent. It obviously hasn't hit him yet, the full extent of what this means. Lynn seems a good choice, but she looks like she will have little in the way of defence  whilst Kai will probably die at the bloodbath, unfortunately.

The screen transitions to District 9, and their Reaping begins. Pennie, a slightly tall girl, comes on stage, quickly tying her brown hair into a ponytail. Cole, a smaller boy, comes on, looking horrendously confused. The girl looks like she'll fare decently, so I add her to the list. The boy seems like the type to hide, so we may cross paths whilst sneaking, but he doesn't look confrontational. I also add his name.

District 10 is up next, and the cameras show an aerial shot of a meadow at sunset with cows grazing. It seems so picturesque, but this isn't a tourism program. This is The Hunger Games. They call the girl, Annabel, and she mounts the stage, crying. Seeing this girl like this makes me want to comfort her, as a mother would her child, despite her being the same age as me. They call the boy's name, Luke, and he walks up, looking as if he had just shut down, which he probably had, given the circumstances. I cross them off, as they seem like they'll band together, killing anything that moves.

The scene changes to that of District 11 and Jay, the female Tribute, walks up immediately. She seems just a little older than me, with dark skin, and darker hair, but she is painfully thin, which will be a large hindrance if I were to ally with her. I sit watching as the boy's name is called, and as he climbs the stage, the effect he has is immediate on us. Even Beetee and Wiress are shocked at this. This boy, whose name is Ash, looks like the spitting image of Samuel, down to the long, dark hair, and the ashen skin. I know that once we meet, Samuel will want to ally with him immediately  But he seems to have forgotten that this boy isn't someone he'll share a brief conversation, no, this boy will try to kill him, in the worst manner possible. The Tributes shake hands, and the screen fades to 12.

The female is called, Kathrynn, and she walks up to the stage, her grey eyes burning with hatred, a hatred that can be recognised. A hatred I share almost daily. A hatred against The Capitol, against The Hunger Games, against President Snow for doing this, forcing children to fight to the death in the most gruesome manner possible. Instantly, I write her name down, and circle it. I will definitely be trying to ally with this girl. The boy, Martyn, is then called, and he walks up to the stage. He looks at the girl, and the flicker of recognition is unmissable. They obviously know each other, and his deep blue eyes glimmer with sorrow through his windswept blonde hair. I also circle him. The screen fades to black, and the anthem of Panem begins. Beetee switches off the television.

I look at my clipboard, and see that out of 22 possible allies, I have managed to find six potential candidates. But any alliance will be short lived, as we all know the principle of The Hunger Games; 24 come in, one comes out.

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