blood·thirst·y (bldthûrst)
1. Eager to shed blood.
Madeleine Booker has a perfect life. Or she did. Until she woke up one day with absolutely no recollection of what had happened the night before.
Oh, and one other thing. She was a vampire.



OK, OK, not gonna freak out. Perfectly rational explanation for this. Quick. Checked my mouth. Was i wearing plastic fangs?


Not gonna freak out, not gonna freak out...whoops. Already did.

What had i done last night?? In my hysteria, i completely forgot everything, all the events that had happened this morning.

Wait, how old was i again?

My vision went fuzzy around the edges. I dropped to my knees, and the cold tile of my bathroom floor revived me slightly. Yes. Got it. Seventeen.

Okay. So i had fangs. So what?

So, i screamed at myself, I'M A VAMPIRE.

When had this happened? How come i couldn't remember last night? Did it have something to do with my...fangs?

"MOM!" As soon as i yelled it, i clapped my hand over my mouth.

"Yes, Maddie?"

"Oh, n-nothing, Mom. N-never mind." I said feebly. Suddenly, as i realized it, my mouth started to feel weird. I had no idea where to place my fangs.

"Maddie!" Mom called. "Tracy's here!"

Crap. Tracy here, and i was still in my pj's.

Quickly I threw on some clothes and ran my brush through my hair again. i tossed it in my shoulder bag and ran down the stairs and out the door. "Bye Mom!"

"Hey Mad," Tracy said, honking the horn of her convertible. My parents would never buy me a car like hers. They wouldn't even buy me a car.

"Hey Trathy," i said, lisping her name. OK, so my fangs made me lisp. Luckily Tracy didn't notice.

"Um, i have a question," i said hesitantly.

"Fire away," Tracy said. "I'm an open book. You know that."

"Yeah, but it's not about's about me."

"Okaaaayyy," she said.

"So. Um. What did i do last night?"


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