blood·thirst·y (bldthûrst)
1. Eager to shed blood.
Madeleine Booker has a perfect life. Or she did. Until she woke up one day with absolutely no recollection of what had happened the night before.
Oh, and one other thing. She was a vampire.



I couldn't breathe.

I was drowning in darkness. Nice time to find out I was both claustrophobic and afraid of the dark. Which was kind of ironic, because aren't vampires like "creatures of the darkness?" or maybe it was "creatures of the night?" I didn't know.

Someone yanked the bag from my head.

"Omigosh omigosh omigosh thank you!" I hyperventilated.

Then, i slapped him across the face. "FREAK!! Why'd you put me in there!!?"

"I promise i can explain," he said. "Just give me a chance."

I glared at him.

He rolled his eyes and stuck out his hand. "Hello, my name is Lars. What's your name? Madeleine? That's amazingly interesting. Guess what? You're a vampire! Guess what else! I'm a vampire too! Long story. But now, i need to take you to MEET SOMEONE."

"Hi Lars." I had calmed down by now and wasn't hyperventilating anymore. I held out my arm, resigned. "Take me."

He held out a black strip of cloth and smiled at me.

I groaned. "A blindfold? Really? Could you guys get any more secretive?"

"You're lucky we decided against the tooth scanner." He wrapped the blindfold against my eyes.


When he took it off, we were in a black windowless room and we were alone. Lars placed his hands on my shoulders. "He'll be here in a minute."

"Wait, who?" i asked, but he was already walking out the door and didn't bother to answer me. I leaned against one of the walls and slid down. "Oh?" i muttered to myself, "So vampires don't poof out of rooms?"

"Only the elders can do that," A voice smiled.

My head whipped around to the other side of the room from where Lars had left.

A mouth full of fangs smiled at me. He stepped fully inside the room and raked his eyes over me. "'re my trans, is that right?"

Standing in front of me was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. He was tall, and had chiseled features, like the kind you might find on a Greek statue. His choppy black hair stopped at his ears and bangs fell over his face. He had ocean colored eyes, pristine, green-blue with a touch of brown. The bottom half of him was hidden by his black sweatshirt and jeans, (which blended into the walls) but i could guess it was as amazing as the top. 

He was the most beautiful thing i had ever laid eyes on.

I was going to enjoy killing him.  

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