blood·thirst·y (bldthûrst)
1. Eager to shed blood.
Madeleine Booker has a perfect life. Or she did. Until she woke up one day with absolutely no recollection of what had happened the night before.
Oh, and one other thing. She was a vampire.



Something was horribly wrong.

I sat up in my bed. Something smelled wrong. "Mom?"

"In the kitchen, Sweetie," she called. I climbed out of bed, and ran downstairs still in my teddy bear pj's.

My dad was sitting at the table, reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee. He pulled his suit sleeve back to glance at his watch. "Oh! Late for work. Bye honey," he said, kissing my mom on the cheek. Tossing a wave back at me, he briskly walked out the door. "Bye Madeleine."

"Mom? What's that smell?" I inhaled and made a face. "It smells kinda..."

Coppery, like pennies and salt.

"Yes," my mom said. "I was making a breakfast burrito and accidentally cut myself. There was a little blood, but i mostly cleaned it up."

"You missed a spot," i muttered, seeing where the blood was on the counter. Staring at it, i felt strange, like all the atoms in my body were focused on that drip of blood. My eyes rolled.

"Maddie? I think you'd better go upstairs," my mom said. "You've always gotten nauseous at the sight of blood." Wordless, i nodded. Funny, i didn't feel nauseous at all. Dizzy, which could be that, but nothing else. 

I glanced at the clock. 6:45. I still had time to go to school.

I ran upstairs and into my bathroom. Nice of my mom not to say anything. My hair looked like I had stuck my finger into a light socket. I grabbed my brush and attempted to comb it down, but eventually resorted to gel to stick it down. I hadn't eaten anything while i was downstairs, but i didn't feel hungry. I decided to skip breakfast, but brushed my teeth anyway to get rid of "morning breath."

"OW!" i mumbled, dragging my toothbrush along a tooth that ached when i touched it. But i took my toothbrush away, and it felt fine. The same thing happened on the other side of my mouth.

I ran my tongue over those teeth, and again they hurt when i touched them.

Exasperated, i spit, rinsed out my mouth, and put my toothbrush back in its holder. I leaned forward towards my mirror and stared at my face. What were the chances that i got two cavities in symmetrical places in my mouth?

Maybe it was something i had eaten last night. I racked my brain trying to remember what, but i had no idea. I remembered going to the school dance with my friend Tracy. I didn't go with a date, but I had a plan to get Victor Martinez to dance with me, and possibly fall in love with me (even though he was Sydney Sunderland's date). I remember Victor dancing with me, Sydney shooting glares at me, and then...nothing. The whole night on from there is a dark space in my mind. I couldn't remember anything. Maybe someone had spiked the punch.

Finally, i decided to look at my teeth in the mirror. I pulled my lips back as far as i could, trying to see.

And yes, i saw. In my mouth.


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