Can You Love Me For What I am?

Liliana Jade has a secret. But when the new guy moves to town and won't stop till he gets to know her will Liliana break under the pressure and reveal her secret or end up hurting the one she loves most?


2. The New Kid

I arrive at practice in a matter of minutes using my "vampire super speed". What usually ended up as a 10 minute drive turned out as a three minute run. Well for me anyways. "Your late." Taylor says giving me a disapproving look as I walk over.
       Taylor has been my best friend since I moved here about a year and a half ago. All my life I had spent running from place to place because eventually people would start to wonder why you haven't aged one bit. It was hard leaving so I tried not to make any friends and separate myself from the rest of the student body. But when I arrived to Hampton and enrolled at Hampton High School Taylor automatically took me under her wing. She taught me everything she knew, and it was nice to have a friend for once. Now I was one of the most popular girls in school, not that it really mattered. "Sorry, my alarm clock didn't go off." I lie. Truthfully, I was filling up my stock and robbing the local blood bank of some of their blood bags. Taylor doesn't know what I am, iv wanted to tell her so many times, but it's hard to come out and say, "Oh and also I'm a vampire." 
        Taylor gives me a suspicious look then walks back over to the team and continues to stretch. I shrug off my sweatshirt revealing the top half off my blue uniform, then I go over and joins the team to stretch. I notice a couple girl looking over their shoulders every couple minutes and giggling as if they were watching Channy Tatum with no shirt on. Curious I look over my shoulder to see what all the commotion was about. All I saw was the football team running their usual practice. I didn't notice anything different about it. So I just shrug and go back to stretching.

        When we finish with practice I grab my bag and walk into the girls locker room. The girls continued to look over their shoulders and giggle throughout the whole practice, a couple of times they even looked over at me with grins on their faces. I wanted to know so badly what they were giggling about but didn't have the nerve to ask. 
        I go to my locker and grab my clean clothes and stuff my bag into the locker then start to head over to the showers, but Taylor catches my arm on the way. "Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?" She asks. "Sure." I say following her over to her locker. "Did you see how those girls were acting during practice." She asks in a low whisper. "Yes it was bloody annoying, do you know why they were acting that why?" I ask as my curiosity increasing. "Yes, actually I do, there's a new kid and he just joined the football team." Taylor says but you can tell there was more to the story. "Well? What's the big deal? Is he cute or something?" I ask trying to get more information. "Extremely...but the reason the girls kept giggling and looking over at you was because he seemed to have a particular interest in you. " She explains. "Me?" I ask a little caught of guard. "Yes, so I'm guessing you don't know him." Taylor says obviously thinking I did. "No not at all, I didn't even know we had a knew kid." I say still baffled. "His name is Jake, you'll know when you see him, he's nothing like the kids from around here."Taylor says with a wink. I laugh. "Haha okay I'll keep an eye out." I say jokingly. Taylor smiles and walks away. I smile and walk over to the shower and step in and strip off my dirty uniform and push it out of the way. I turn the shower on hot, and let the water flow over my body letting it loosen my tight muscles and cleanse my body. I wash up and wash my hair then finish up and shut the shower off. I reach my hand out and grab my clothes off the bench. As I do a small folded up piece of paper fall out. "I'm watching you." It said int tiny scrawled letters. I roll my eyes and throw it in a nearby trash and get dressed into my sweats and a t-shirt. It was probably just some kid playing a lame prank I think to myself while grabbing my bag and walking out. I was completely drained and really needed a drink. I wasn't going to be able to run being this drained so I was just going to have to walk home at a normal speed. I grab my headphone out of my bag and plug them into my IPhone and start walking, on what  was going to be an hour walk to get home. 
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