Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


13. The Very Last Stand


Harry’s Point of View

For some reason it hurt me so much. To tell Claire that Zayn loved her, it hurt even more when she said she’d give him a chance. Why does it hurt me? Why should I care? I should be happy, 2 of my best friends are going to be a couple. Suddenly the music started to play, it was a slow song. Great. Thoughts of Katrina haunted me. “Can I steal this lovely lady from you?” Zayn asked softly and I nodded, Claire placed her hand in his & they went to dance, with all the other couples. Yuck, I groaned and looked away.

“What’s wrong with you?” Gemma rolled her eyes, “Nothing.” I groaned. “Aw come on, lighten up, everyones here & everyones well.” She smiled at me & I nodded. “I just miss Katrina.” She frowned at me, “Well maybe you should go to the airport, she should be here soon.” She said looking down at her watch & I raised my brow. “What?” “She’s coming Styles. Go, get her.” “Stop messing with me.” “I’m not, Claire invited her, her flight has probably already landed.” “Why didn’t you tell me before!” “Cause Claire & Zayn were going to go pick her up, but you’re clearly miserable, just go.” I hugged her & shot out the door.


My adrenaline raced as I held her in my arms. Both of us crying, not a word from either. Everyone at the airport was staring at us, but I didn’t care, I’ve been waiting way to long for this. “Let’s go home.” I whispered and kissed her forehead. She nodded wiping her tears & we made our way to our car, now finally things felt normal.  


Liam’s Point of View

2 Years Later

“Today is a special day, for all of us.” I smiled, holding the beautiful brit in my hand, “Us 4, would’ve never made it here without you guys, sorry us 5.” The crowd looked confused & I laughed, “Harry Styles, the cheeky one of the band, he turned 20 yesterday, the one with the luscious curls & green eyes with dimples, our friend, our brother.” I smiled, “He led us here, and I know Harry, wherever you are, you’re watching us now, this was our dream, this was your dream, thank you buddy, we wouldn’t have made it this far without you. And a massive thank you to you all, you’ve never left our sides.”

Niall and Zayn hugged me from behind while Lou spanked one of them and picked us all up, loud cheers from the crowd were given and I took the mike once again, “This one’s for you Curly!” I said & we got off stage, many questions being asked.

“Who misses Harry the most?” “Is this your biggest accomplishment yet?” “Do you think Harry was happy you guys continued on your journey?” “Why did you decide to stay together as a band?” I stopped when I heard the last question I turned to the tiny brunette with glasses, a mike in her hand, “Because he would want this.” I smiled and looked at the Brit. 


After the ceremony I saw Claire with Lilac & smiled, “Excuse me.” I said to the reporter bombarding me with numerous questions, “Hello Claire.” I said welcoming her with a hug.” She weakly smiled, I could tell she had been crying. “Hey Liam.” “You look lovely,” “What about me?” Lilac cheekily smiled, everything about her was like Harry. I kneel down to level out our height. “Well you just took my breath away.” I chuckled and she hugged me, “It’s great to see you two again.” I picked up Lilac and smiled at Claire, “You know Claire, you could just leave Lilac with Gemma, she really seems to be fond of Lilac.” She smiled, “I know Liam, but she’s the last memory I have of Harry, she means everything.”

I put Lilac down and she runs off to Zayn. “Are you ever going to tell her who her real parents are?” I asked curious, “All in time Liam, just not now.” “She’s a lucky girl, to have such nice parents.” I smile at her. “She’s lucky to be alive, preterm birth is really risky, Lilac could’ve died with Harry & Katrina.” My eyes flustered at the thought, “That accident probably is the most life changing thing that’s happened.” “To think that if Harry didn’t go to get Katrina from the airport, maybe they’d both be here.” Memories of the scene came back to my mind, Harrys skull crushed, Katrina barely breathing, blood everywhere, the truck driver who apologized probably half a million times.

“I’m sorry things had to end this way, at least Zayn & you are happy,” I smiled, “Everything happens for a reason.” She smiles reassuringly & I nod. “I miss him dearly though.” She looks at the ground, “We all do.” A second later Zayn joins us with 2 drinks in his hand, “For you.” He smiles at Claire, charmingly, “Thank you.” She smiles. “Liam we’re going to head home.” Zayn says as he takes my hand. I nod & he grabs onto Lilac and they walk out.


Zayn’s Point of View

“Daddy, my seat belt hurts.” “Honey, it’s supposed to keep you safe.” “But Daddy!” “No more Lilac.” I stared over at Claire who was lost in thought & squeezed her hand. “You okay babe?” She smiled at me reassuringly and I kissed her hand. “I know you miss him.” I said softly capturing her attention once again. “I really do.” “I do too, but look he’s here right now.” I pointed to Lilac in the backseat who was straining to get out of her seat. She chuckled and nodded, “He’ll always be with us.” 



Thanks For Reading<3 Hope You Guys Enjoyed<3


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