Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


2. The Beginning Of A New End...


Harry’s Point of View “What the hell!” I called out to Claire, but she continued walking away; I don’t get it, why is she being such a bitch? I left her so many texts & called her so many times and she decides to call back hours later. I guess I should’ve gone to see her, I mean I am her best friend, but lately it didn’t feel like it. “Everything okay?” Someone patted my back I turned around startled; it was Zayn. “Tell Niall if he ever touches my phone again I will–” “Relax Harry, he’s already suffering from glue you spilled all over his new supras.” He chuckled, but I didn’t find it funny, Niall deserved it. “Whatever.” I mumbled and he tugged onto my arm. “Come on, let’s get out of here before that chick brings her older brothers.”  ~ “Hey where’s Claire? Wasn’t she supposed to meet you by the lake?” Liam asked sincerely, he loved Claire; in fact everyone did she was just so sweet. “She left.” I sighed and got out of my seat and went into my bedroom. I fell backward onto my bed and stared at the ceiling. Should I call her? I shook my head, what am I, her dad? If she wants to act like a child for no reason so be it. She didn’t have one good reason to be mad at me. I sat up and fiddled with my phone hoping she’d call, even though I didn’t want to talk to her, something deep inside did.  ~ “Harry?” I opened my eyes a bit, seeing Louis; I rubbed my eyes and yawned. “Yeah?” “Get up Simon’s here.” I sat up immediately, Simon never came to meet us we’d always come to him, it must’ve been urgent. I got up, took out the wrinkles in my shirt and went to the lounge.  Sure enough the Simon Cowell was standing just over the coffee table. “Harry there you are.” His thick British accent made me uncomfortable while his gaze met my eyes. He gestured me to sit with the other boys. “Okay boys, one of my good friends from Australia called me earlier.” I raised my eyebrow, why did we need to know that? “He is willing to sponsor you 5 on a world tour.” His serious face suddenly had a grin. My heart dropped, a world tour? That would be a long time away from home, a long time away from [Y/N]. I sighed at the thought of her name; I missed her. “Harry?” Simon snapped his fingers I shivered and turned to face him. “Boys this is a big deal, don’t mess things up & please pay attention.” He didn’t look at any of us, but I knew his comment was directed at me. “Come over to my office this weekend & we’ll discuss dates and rehearsal times, we have less than a month so you will be in the studio a lot more.” We all groaned, rehearsals were always so boring.  ~ It’s been 3 days, still no contact with Claire, she hadn’t called me & I was too stubborn to call her. I had so many things I needed to tell her, I could’ve shared it with the boys, but with her it’s just so different. She always knows what to say, she makes me feel whole. 


Harry’s Point of View

“Harry?” I looked up from my laptop screen to see Niall looking nervous. “Yeah?” I quietly said looking back down at my screen. “I’m really sorry mate – about that girl.” I looked back at him he was looking at the floor fiddling with his hands. “Don’t sweat it Nialler, I already got even.” I smirked at him and his face lit up. “So you don’t hate me anymore?” “Never did.” He came over and gave me a tiny hug and rubbed the top of my head. I smiled at him and he ran out skipping, what a kid I laughed. ~ 3 days had turned into 3 weeks, it was almost time for me to leave for the tour and still I hadn’t talked to Claire. I’m still not used to it. I wish I had called her earlier, it feels like it’s too late now. I pulled on my boots and got lightly shoved by Louis. “Hurry up! We don’t want to keep Uncle Simon waiting.” He chuckled and we both ran out of the house.

The snow was early, it was only mid-October and there was already heaps of snow. I shivered as the cool air went down my back; I crawled into the car with my head in my hands. “Everything alright?” I heard Liam say looking at me from the rear-view mirror. “Yeah.” I muttered.  “What ever happened to Claire?” Zayn said looking back from the passenger seat. The others had indulged into his words and looked at me as well. “I don’t know.” I said trying to avoid the subject. “But she’s your best friend, how do you not know.” Louis raised his brow and I groaned. “Who cares?” I rolled my eyes and before Niall said something I took out my phone & started to fiddle with it.  ~ “This is it boys, it’s finally time.” I heard Simon sigh; you could hear the smile peering on his face. We were at the airport, minutes before we were going to leave Simon came to say goodbye. Along with Eleanor, Zayn’s older sister, Danielle & Niall’s mum. No one came for me, my family was out of town and the only other close person to me was Claire. I looked at the picture of us in my wallet and a tear cradled in my eye. “No crying boys.” Niall’s mum came and gave me a hug. “I’ll miss you Harry.” I smiled; it felt good to know someone cared. 

“Where’s Claire?” I heard Zayn ask, he looked kind of lost. “She – she couldn’t make it.” I half-smiled at him, I hated lying, but he’d get mad at me if I told him the truth. My heart sank as Louis gestured to go to security. I looked back from security and saw Claire running in the airport. “Wait!” I ran back while Paul called me from behind. I didn’t care, I hugged her not holding back any of my tears. “Uhm excuse me?” I looked up to see it wasn’t Claire, it was another girl my heart instantly dropped. “I’m getting late, sorry.” She pulled away and continued to walk. What’s happening to me. Claire, I miss you so much, please come back.

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