Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


8. Is Lou Gonna Survive?


Claire’s Point of View

“Claire! Mind helping me zip up this dress?” Gemma yelled out from her bedroom, I quickly walked over and saw her standing in front of the mirror, her brother’s bad habits, I laughed. “What’s so funny?” She giggled as I zipped her up, “You reminded me of someone.” I smiled at her, “You look beautiful.” I said, before she asked whom I was talking about.

“Thanks darling, are you sure you don’t feel well?” She bit her lip & turned around. “Uhm yeah, I’m kind of still adapting to the weather, it was really hot in Toronto, I don’t want to get my cold any worse.” I half-smiled and she sighed, “Well I guess you’re right, but I feel terrible leaving you alone here.” “It’s alright, I’m tired, and I’m probably just going to sleep.” She sighed again, “Oh & can you not tell Harry that I’m here?” She looked at me confused, “Why not?” “Er — umm, I’ll surprise him another day.” I smiled and she nodded, “Bye Gemma.” She waved at me and left, finally alone.


Liam’s Point of View

We were moments away from going on stage; I was in my dressing room rehearsing my solos by myself. I stopped when I heard my phone buzz, it was Danielle asking about Harry. I sighed and tucked my phone in my pocket, I didn’t want to think about Harry although he seemed almost impossible to erase from my mind. I just wished the show would be fine without him. 

“Liam?” I heard a knock at the door, “Yes?” I smiled looking at Zayn until I saw his face expression, “What’s wrong mate, you look like you saw a ghost.” I chuckled, “Liam, Louis collapsed, I don’t know why, please just — just come!” Without another word I ran with Zayn to see Louis.


“What happened?!” I yelled looking at Louis on stretchers as the nurses took him away. “We’re not sure; do you remember anything happening to Louis before today? Any pain or stress on joints?” I shook my head anxiously; I could feel my heart beating at a faster pace by the second. “Okay, well we’ll allow one person to accompany us on the ambulance.” I volunteered myself & the boys nodded in agreement.

As I got on the ambulance I felt Niall grab my wrist, “What do we do about the show?” He frowned, “What can we do? We’ll have to cancel.” I smiled at him reassuringly while tears dripped off his face onto my arm, “Don’t worry Niall, nothing will happen to Louis.”


Claire’s Point of View

I got a little bored so I decided to look around for something to read. Gemma always had a passion for books so I knew she’d have something good. I skimmed through the rusty books on the shelf, coughing. Suddenly I came across a familiar looking spine, it was covered in red paint. I slowly took it out and sat in one of her rocking chairs. The title was bold in colour, “My Family Scrapbook.”

Smiling I opened the first page & saw a picture of Harry & Anne. As my smile widened a tear rolled down my cheek and hit the page. She looked so beautiful & young. I carefully turned the page and saw a picture of Harry’s dad & mum in their old house. The next page left me breathless, it was a picture of me & Harry, during our grade 8 graduation. I laughed at how silly I looked & how adorable he looked.

I sighed, “Gemma really does think of me as family.” I shivered, spending the next half hour looking through old pictures of when Harry & Gemma were younger. I fell asleep, but woke up when my phone suddenly buzzed, scaring me. 

“Hello?” I whispered, still smiling.

“Hello, Claire?” I paused to listen to the familiar voice.

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“It’s me, Zayn.” My jaw dropped, I hadn’t spoken to him since I was in Mexico.

“Is there something you needed…?”

“I saw some of your tweets & realized you were back in Holmes Chapel?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Harry’s there too, right?”

“That’s what I’ve heard.”

“Great, could you please tell him to call us back? Or pick up our calls? It’s really urgent, he’s been avoiding us.”

“Oh, I don’t exactly know — “

“Please! Louis’ in the hospital, we need him here!”

“He — he’s what?”

“He’s gone, in the hospital, we need Harry.”

“I — I’ll try.”

“Please, I’m begging you!”


He cut the phone and I stood up, my body shaking. Lou was in the hospital? How was I supposed to tell Harry, I bit my lip in frustration. 

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