Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


3. I Might've Lost Harry</3


Claire’s Point of View

I had enough of this, I missed Harry, whether he felt the same or not I needed him. A few days was okay, but a month? I had never felt this lonely in my life before. I sat in my car and sighed, this is it.


I pulled onto Harry’s mum’s driveway; his apartment was getting renovated so he was staying with his mum.  My legs started to shake, I carefully examined the door that was so familiar to me, but it seemed stray now. I slowly knocked, my knuckles brushed against the door.

“Oh my god! Look who finally decided to visit!” I was greeted by Gemma, Harry’s older sister. “Hey.” I half-smiled giving her a hug, trying to sound confident. “Where’s Harry?” I said looking over her shoulder. “Harry?” She snorted, “He’s gone on tour remember, he left 2 weeks ago.” My heart raced a bit faster, “H-he’s what?” “Didn’t he tell you?” I shook my head & there was a moment of silence. “Well I’ll be going then.” I smiled at her, holding onto my heart, don’t cry don’t cry, I chanted. “Are you sure you don’t want to come in?” “No thanks.” I sat in my car and cried. 

Why is this happening to me!


Harry’s Point of View

I decided to call her, 3 weeks on tour had passed & I felt like crap. I didn’t want to go out, my thoughts always pondered off into the blue I couldn’t even sing right anymore. I needed her; I needed to hear her voice that comforted me when I felt lonely. So many people tried to get me back together, but none of them were Claire.

Riiiiinnnnng, Riiiiiiiinnngg, Riiiiiiinnnng


A rough voice called out, I could hear loud music in the back.

Uhm, is Claire there?

Sorry she’s grinding against some guy

She’s what?

She’s busy man, what do you want?

Could you tell her Harry called?

Yeah whatever

He cut the phone, clearly he was drunk so he probably wouldn’t even give her my message, I sighed at least I know she’s having fun, so why should I stop her? “Hey mate; we’re going sight-seeing want to come?” Liam came inside my room, I quickly looked away to hide my tears. “No.” I whispered and crawled onto the bed, holding a pillow in my arms, wishing it was Claire. I felt an arm slowly brush my shoulder.

“What’s wrong Harry? You’ve been so different lately.” “Nothing Liam.” “Be honest.” “Honestly, it’s nothing, leave me alone.” “Is it… Claire?” I got up and looked at him surprised. “H-how did you know?” “Well for one no one’s heard from her for almost 2 months, she didn’t come to say goodbye at the airport, & you’re absolutely miserable.” I scratched the back of my head not knowing what to say, what he said was true though. “I don’t know what her problem is; she’s the one avoiding me.” “Well did you talk to her?” “I’ve tried.” I said quieter. He stood up and sighed, “Try calling her again tonight then, you don’t want to lose her.” He smiled at me and left.


Claire’s Point of View

“I don’t get it! Why didn’t you just call him?” I sighed and looked at the ceiling, why didn’t I call him, I pondered in my thoughts. “Ahem” she sounded impatient and I laughed, “Cause I’m an idiot.” “I wish you did,” “But if I did you might’ve not been here!” I laughed and kissed her cheek, “Yeah, but you would’ve been happy…” I wiped a tear off my face giving her a hug. “I love you Lilac.” 


Claire’s Point of View

I eventually had forgotten about Harry, if he didn’t care about me why should I care about him? 2 months since their tour started and not a word from him, thanks Styles glad to know a 10 year friendship gone down the drain over that stupid slut. I decided to paint a scenery, painting was my new hobby.  My two other friends & I decided to go to Mexico for a few weeks to celebrate our college graduation, which Harry didn’t attend or congratulate me on either.

“Oh my god it’s beautiful!” “Really?” I looked back at Emma and smiled at her. “If you painted me it would’ve been sexier.” Lisa smirked and I rolled my eyes. “Could you pass me that orange coloured paint?” I asked Lisa, not taking my eyes off the painting. I was painting the view from our hotel; there were lots of trees and shrubs, making it perfect. Lisa tripped over the small side table and spilled the paint all over me. “You idiot! I’m going to get you curly – er, Lisa sorry.” “Curly?” Emma looked confused. “I meant Lisa.” “But you were thinking about someone else?” Lisa chuckled. “Who is that?” Emma asked intrigued. “No one important.” I smiled at her and wiped the paint off me.


“Ladies and Gentlemen here we present the biggest boy band, possibly on the planet, One Direction!” I heard cheers from the kitchen, Emma & Lisa were watching the news, it was the only English Channel. “Turn that off.” Lisa complained, “But its One Direction!” Lisa & Emma didn’t know about Harry & I and Iwanted it to stay like that. “So boys, how’s the tour going?” I didn’t want to seem uncomfortable so I sat down with them. 

“Amazing, we’ve had so much fun and it’s been a blast, right boys?”

Liam was first to speak, typical.

“What about the fans? How do you cope with them?”

“It’s not something to cope with really, more of something you enjoy.”

Louis smiled.

“You’re awfully quiet Harry.”

Harry looked miserable; I could see a ton of stubble reaching across his jawline, he looked like he hadn’t shaved in months. He was slouched on the chair mumbling.

“I’m fine.”

“Can we turn this shit off?” Lisa demanded, Emma sighed & turned the T.V off. “Why don’t we go out for some dinner?” I smiled, “Please.” Lisa agreed & we got changed. 


As we went through the hallway I saw Louis coming out of an elevator. Shit, I thought to myself, he had already spotted me. “Uhm Emma? You guys go, I forgot my purse.” Emma nodded without noticing Louis and went through the elevator on the other side. “Hey.. Claire.” “Hey Louis.” I smiled at him, “It’s been a while.” He said frowning. “Yeah it has, how’s the tour?” I smiled at him. “Great actually, except for Harry.” I sighed, “Yeah I noticed.” I muttered. “What?” “Nothing.” I smiled.

“Where’ve you been?” “Oh here and there.” “Harry misses you.” I scoffed, “I’m sure he does,” “It’d be nice if you came up to say hello to the other boys.” “They’re here too?” “Yup, room  562.” “Oh, everyone?” “Well just Liam & Zayn, Niall took Harry out to make him feel better.” “What’s wrong with Harry?” “Well, er, his Mum passed away last month.” I wanted to cry, I didn’t know about Anne passing away, she was like a mother to me. “Oh my god…” Was all I could say. “Yeah I know, so coming with or..?” “I’d love to.” I smiled and followed him to the elevator. 


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