Key To My Heart

This is a story about a girl named Claire who happens to be best friends with Harry Styles. Deep down inside shes always liked Harry more than a friend. And when they get into an argument he finds himself miserable not being able to talk to his best friend. When its time for him to take on the world tour, lots of unexpected things happen.. and well lets just say... Claire ends up with one of the other boys expect Harry.. and something happens to one of the boys.


6. Frustrated With Love And Undetermined Feelings


Harry’s Point of View

“I can’t believe you guys are going out.” Niall said stuffing his mouth with mashed potatoes, “Niall, eat with your mouth closed, please.” Liam begged, it was true, it looked horrifying. “Especially after how you proposed to her.” Louis giggled, “Yeah that was unexpected.” Niall added again. “I was a bit blunt, but whatever, she’s mine now.” I cheekily smiled and took a bite out of my bread. “Saying ‘I’m in love with you’ isn’t just blunt mate, I’ve never seen you that confident.” Louis said, I shrugged, I didn’t know what to say. “Excuse me.” Zayn pulled out of his chair and stormed off into his room. “What’s with him?” I said, chewing. “I don’t know, I’ll go check.” Liam half-smiled & left as well.

Liam’s Point of View

“Zayn?” I carefully knocked on his door, trying not to agitate him any more. “Yeah?” He said softly, I walked in with my hands locked with each other, “Is everything okay?” He sighed, “Does it look okay?” “What do you mean?” He got up from the bed and paced back & forth, “This girl! She’s not good for Harry.” “How would you know?” He stopped and faced me, “Because she tried kissing me!”

My jaw dropped open, what was he saying? “She kissed you?” “Almost, the day she came over for dinner,” I shook my head in dismay, “When she offered to help me put away the dishes she slowly crept up behind me & her lips were centimeters away from mine!” “Zayn are you positive this happened?” “Liam, why would I lie?” I shrugged, it’s true though, Zayn didn’t like being in people’s business unless he knew what they were doing was wrong.

“Well then tell Harry, please!” “No man, he’s not going to believe me.” I nodded in agreement, Harry was definitely head over heels for this girl. “I’ll try talking to him then.” I smiled at him and pat him on the back, “Thanks man.” He gave me a hug.


Harry’s Point of View

“No Liam! I’ve heard enough!” I roared as I left the bedroom, “But Harry you have to believe me!” He called out, “No I don’t, I knew Zayn was after her!” I threw open Zayn’s door to see him on the phone, he turned to look at me, “Yeah mum, I’ll call you in a bit, alright? Bye, love you.” He stood up and looked at me with a plain face, “Zayn you bastard!” I grabbed onto his collar, “What’re you doing Harry!” Liam pulled onto me, “Let go Liam!” “What the hell is wrong with you Harry!” Zayn said pushing me off. I sat down on his bed and cupped my face with my hands, I started crying. “I don’t know what’s happening to me, I — I think I need some time alone.” Zayn nodded at Liam and they both left the room.

“Hello Gem?” I said softly on the phone, “I’m coming home.” 


Claire’s Point of View

The moment I left the airport I felt like I was home already. The sweet smell of mint and chocolate filled my nose. It was summer, it was supposed to be a fun period of time in the year, but it felt nothing, but lousy. I smiled as I sighed, it felt amazing to finally be where  belonged. I went to go look for my baggage when I bumped into a blonde girl who knocked down my purse.

“Oh my gosh I am so sorry!” She said innocently, she was beautiful, “It’s alright,” I said smiling we both leaned down to pick up my stuff and our heads bumped into one another. “Ouch.” We both groaned at the same time & started giggling. “Sorry, once again.” She said rubbing her forehead, she carefully placed one of my books into my hands, her soft, cold hands made me shiver.

“I love your nails!” She exclaimed, “Thank you.” I smiled at her, “My names Katrina.” She said taking out her hand, I shook it, “Claire.” “You’re here for vacation?”  ”Nope, finally home, what about you?” “My boyfriend & I are here for a few days, he lives here.” “Ahh, I see, you’re not from around here?” “Nope, I live in Mexico.” She smiled, fascinated we started talking more. 


“My boyfriend just texted me,” She smiled looking down at her phone, “It was lovely meeting you, if you come down by Mexico again here’s my number.” She said handing me a slip of paper, I smiled at her, “And if you feel bored in Cheshire heres my number.” I said texting her. She gave a small hug and left, “Bye Claire!” “Bye!” I waved at her, she was so charming. 


Harry’s Point of View

“Sorry it took so long baby! I went to buy something for you & the line was huge!” I said apologetically, finally home, it feels like its been way too long. “Aw it’s alright! I found some company.” She smiled rocking back and forth, “Oh, you did? Who?” “This girl I bumped into by accident, she was really nice,” “You haven’t been here for an hour & you already have a friend? Popular girl.” I said playing with her hands, she lightly pecked my lips and locked her hand with mine. “Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving!” I laughed & we both went to a Tim Hortons in the airport.

“I only want a bagel,” She said whilst we were in line, “I only want you.” I said, our noses touched and I inhaled her scent, she smelled like roses & chocolate, 2 of my favourite things. “You already have me,” She whispered, “Uhm sir?” We broke our stance & looked to see the cashier calling us, I started blushing. “Sorry.” I chuckled.


“He was like you don’t even know me man! And I couldn’t help but laugh!” I chuckled wiping my tear, she giggled & there was a moment of silence. “Harry, can I ask you something?” She quietly said while I chewed my bagel, “Yeah?” “It’s not that I don’t like it here or anything, but was there a reason we came here?” I stopped chewing and looked down, I didn’t tell her about the tiny fight with Zayn, it’d make things awkward for her so I just shrugged.

“Just a little homesick, I guess.” I smiled, “I guess?” I took a napkin and cleaned the crumbs off my crotch, “Yeah, I missed home, that’s it.” I looked at her and rolled my eyes. She sighed and nodded, “Let’s get out of here.” I said getting up, “Where is our luggage?” “I got one of my friends to take it to my apartment,” She raised her brow, “Seriously?” “Yup.” I said as I wrapped my arm around her waist, she felt so uncomfortable for some reason. 


Your Point of View

“I can’t believe you met my mom, what was she like?” She sat up excited, “She was just like you, beautiful & sweet.” She sighed, I wiped the tears off her face, “Hey, no crying, or I won’t continue.” “Okay sorry! Please continue, did daddy know?” I smiled at her enthusiasm, “Nope, it was a secret.” 


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